How To Ask ‘Where Are You From?’ In French: A Comprehensive Guide

Getting good at asking ‘Where are you from?’ in French can boost your chatting skills and help you understand more about different cultures. When you ask someone where they’re from right at the start, it opens up the chance for a better conversation. You get to show respect for their background and show you’re interested in who they are.

How to Ask Someone Where They Are From in French

Formal Ways

French English Translation
D’où venez-vous ? Where do you come from?
De quel pays êtes-vous ? Which country are you from?
Quelle est votre origine ? What is your origin?
Puis-je vous demander votre pays d’origine ? May I ask your country of origin?
Dans quel pays avez-vous grandi ? In which country did you grow up?

Informal Way

French English Translation
Tu viens d’où ? Where are you from?
T’es de quel coin ? What area are you from?
C’est quoi tes origines ? What are your origins?
T’as grandi où ? Where did you grow up?
T’es d’ici ? Are you from around here?

Asking About Nationality

French English Translation
Quelle est votre nationalité ? What is your nationality?
De quelle nationalité êtes-vous ? What nationality are you?
Quel est votre pays d’origine ? What is your country of origin?
Vous êtes de quelle nationalité ? What nationality are you?
Quel passeport avez-vous ? What passport do you have?

Asking About Region/City of Origin

French English Translation
De quelle région venez-vous ? Which region are you from?
Vous êtes originaire de quelle ville ? Which city are you originally from?
Dans quelle partie du pays avez-vous grandi ? In which part of the country did you grow up?
Vous venez de quelle région en France ? Which region of France are you from?
De quel département êtes-vous ? Which department are you from?

Asking About NationalityAsk Someone Where They Are From in French


To wrap things up, knowing how to ask someone where they’re from in French is useful. It helps people connect better across different cultures. When you use phrases like ‘D’où venez-vous?’ and ‘D’où viens-tu?’, conversations flow and build respect. This guide provides the information you need to ask and answer these questions, making it easier to handle social situations when you’re around French speakers.

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