25 Different Ways To Say Goodnight And Sweet Dreams In French

Exploring the French language, you find many ways to say goodnight. Each phrase is not just a tool to end the day but also a way to connect with people and show respect.

Let’s dive into 25 different expressions French speakers use to say goodnight. These phrases range from affectionate to formal.

Importance of saying Goodnight in French

Knowing how to say ‘Bonne nuit’—or ‘Goodnight’ in French—is about more than just learning new words. It shows respect and thoughtfulness, which are critical in French culture. Saying it the right way shows you understand and value their way of life. It’s not just a regular goodbye; it’s a caring interaction that strengthens relationships.

Knowing phrases like this can really help you get along better in French social circles, showing that you get both the language and the culture.

Goodnight in French

25 Different Ways To Say Goodnight And Sweet Dreams In French

In French, there are many ways to say goodnight, each with its own special touch. The most common is ‘Bonne nuit!’ which means ‘Good night!’

English French
Goodnight Bonne nuit
Sweet dreams Fais de beaux rêves
Sleep well Dors bien
See you tomorrow À demain
Goodnight and sweet dreams Bonne nuit et fais de beaux rêves
May your dreams be sweet Que tes rêves soient doux
Rest well Repose-toi bien
Goodnight, sleep well Bonne nuit, dors bien
May the night be gentle Que la nuit te soit douce
Goodnight, my love Bonne nuit, mon amour
Have a good night Passe une bonne nuit
Sleep in peace Dors en paix
Goodnight, my treasure Bonne nuit, mon trésor
Goodnight, darling Bonne nuit, chéri(e)
May your night be peaceful Que ta nuit soit paisible
Goodnight and see you tomorrow Bonne nuit et à demain
Sleep well and dream of me Dors bien et rêve de moi
May your dreams be wonderful Que tes rêves soient merveilleux
Goodnight, my darling Bonne nuit, ma chérie / mon chéri
Sweet dreams, my angel Fais de beaux rêves, mon ange
May the night bring you sweet dreams Que la nuit t’apporte des rêves doux
Goodnight and sweet dreams, my heart Bonne nuit et fais de beaux rêves, mon cœur
Sleep well and sweet dreams Dors bien et fais de beaux rêves
May your dreams be filled with happiness Que tes rêves soient remplis de bonheur
Goodnight, my sweet Bonne nuit, ma douce / mon doux


Knowing different ways to say goodnight in French isn’t just about words. It helps us connect better with French culture and people. Whether formal or casual, these phrases are key to building relationships. Using them daily shows you respect the culture, making your conversations richer and your connections deeper.

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