115+ Animal Names In German: The Ultimate Vocabulary List

Exploring German animal names is a fun way to learn a new language and understand more about the culture. Knowing these terms can help you understand the language and learn more about German farming and traditions. They help you learn the names and the specific terms for male and female animals and what we call a group of them.

115+ Animal Names in German

Animal Names in German

German English
Affe Monkey
Ameise Ant
Amsel Blackbird
Auster Oyster
Bär Bear
Biber Beaver
Biene Bee
Dachs Badger
Delfin Dolphin
Drache Dragon
Eidechse Lizard
Elch Moose
Elefant Elephant
Ente Duck
Esel Donkey
Eule Owl
Falke Falcon
Fasan Pheasant
Fisch Fish
Flamingo Flamingo
Fledermaus Bat
Flusspferd Hippopotamus
Fuchs Fox
Gans Goose
Geier Vulture
Giraffe Giraffe
Goldfisch Goldfish
Gorilla Gorilla
Hahn Rooster
Hai Shark
Hamster Hamster
Hase Hare
Hirsch Deer
Huhn Chicken
Hund Dog
Igel Hedgehog
Kamel Camel
Känguru Kangaroo
Katze Cat
Krokodil Crocodile
Kuh Cow
Lamm Lamb
Leopard Leopard
Libelle Dragonfly
Löwe Lion
Maus Mouse
Maultier Mule
Meerschweinchen Guinea Pig
Möwe Seagull
Mücke Mosquito
Nashorn Rhinoceros
Nilpferd Hippopotamus
Ochse Ox
Papagei Parrot
Pavian Baboon
Pelikan Pelican
Pfau Peacock
Pferd Horse
Pinguin Penguin
Puma Puma
Rabe Raven
Ratte Rat
Reh Roe deer
Rentier Reindeer
Robbe Seal
Schaf Sheep
Schildkröte Turtle
Schlange Snake
Schmetterling Butterfly
Schnecke Snail
Schwan Swan
Schwein Pig
Seehund Seal
Seepferdchen Seahorse
Spatz Sparrow
Spinne Spider
Stier Bull
Storch Stork
Strauß Ostrich
Taube Pigeon
Tiger Tiger
Wal Whale
Waschbär Raccoon
Wespe Wasp
Wildschwein Wild boar
Wolf Wolf
Wurm Worm
Zebra Zebra
Ziege Goat
Adler Eagle
Alligator Alligator
Alpaka Alpaca
Antilope Antelope
Assel Woodlouse
Barsch Perch
Bussard Buzzard
Chamäleon Chameleon
Chinchilla Chinchilla
Dingo Dingo
Faultier Sloth
Frosch Frog
Gazelle Gazelle
Gürteltier Armadillo
Habicht Hawk
Hyäne Hyena
Jaguar Jaguar
Kabeljau Cod
Koala Koala
Kormoran Cormorant
Krebs Crab
Kuckuck Cuckoo
Lachs Salmon
Lama Llama
Lemur Lemur
Luchs Lynx
Marder Marten
Maulwurf Mole
Murmeltier Marmot
Oktopus Octopus
Orang-Utan Orangutan
Otter Otter
Panda Panda
Qualle Jellyfish
Quokka Quokka
Salamander Salamander
Schimpanse Chimpanzee
Schnabeltier Platypus
Seestern Starfish
Stachelschwein Porcupine
Tintenfisch Squid
Truthahn Turkey
Wiesel Weasel
Wombat Wombat


Learning over 115 German animal names is great for your language skills and helps you understand German culture better. This extensive list of words helps talk with others and gives you a closer look at how Germans view animals. It’s a good idea to use these words often in your practice. This way, you’ll get better at speaking German and find it easier to chat about animals, farming, and nature with German speakers.

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