15 Ways To Say How Are You In French (+ 10 Ways To Respond)

In this guide, we’ll look at different ways to say ‘How are you?’ in French for casual and formal situations. Knowing how to ask about someone’s well-being is key to good conversation in French culture. It shows you understand the language and respect their customs, whether chatting with friends or at a work meeting. We’ll dive into the details, helping you understand when to use each phrase.

15 Ways to Say “How Are You?” in French

Learning different ways to ask ‘How are you?’ in French can improve your ability to chat and connect with people. Knowing how to ask this question correctly is good, whether in a more formal setting or just hanging out casually.

Number French Expression English Translation
1 Comment ça va ? How are you?
2 Comment vas-tu ? How are you? (informal)
3 Comment allez-vous ? How are you? (formal/plural)
4 Ça va ? How’s it going?
5 Tu vas bien ? Are you doing well? (informal)
6 Vous allez bien ? Are you doing well? (formal)
7 Comment te sens-tu ? How do you feel? (informal)
8 Comment vous sentez-vous ? How do you feel? (formal)
9 Quoi de neuf ? What’s new?
10 Ça roule ? How’s it rolling? (informal)
11 Ça va bien ? Is everything going well?
12 Comment va la vie ? How’s life?
13 Comment va ta journée ? How’s your day going? (informal)
14 Comment se passe ta journée ? How is your day going?
15 Ça gaze ? How’s it going? (informal slang)

Learn 10 Ways to Respond to “How are you?” in French

When someone asks you ‘Comment ça va?’ in French, you’ve got a few ways to respond. Start with ‘Bien, merci,’ if you’re doing well and want to say thanks. Just ‘Ça va,’ works if you feel so-so. Feeling a mix of good and bad? Say ‘Comme ci, comme ça.’

Number French Expression English Translation
1 Ça va bien, merci. I’m fine, thank you.
2 Pas mal. Not bad.
3 Comme ci, comme ça. So-so.
4 Très bien, merci. Very well, thank you.
5 Je vais bien. I’m doing well.
6 Ça pourrait aller mieux. Could be better.
7 Je suis un peu fatigué/fatiguée. I’m a bit tired.
8 Je me sens bien. I feel good.
9 Pas terrible. Not great.
10 Je vais super bien. I’m doing great.


In short, knowing different ways to ask how someone is in French helps when you’re talking to French speakers. Knowing both the formal and casual ways to say it shows you understand their culture. Plus, knowing how to respond well makes the conversation better and more genuine. So, learning these phrases is super helpful if you want to improve your French and understand the culture more deeply.

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