Master The Art Of Introducing Yourself In French

Mastering how to introduce yourself in French is more than just translating words. It’s about understanding the culture and manners that help you make an excellent first impression. As our world connects more, being able to introduce yourself in another language is a valuable skill. It allows you in social situations, grows your business network, and makes travel more enjoyable. Knowing how to say hello in French can open many doors. Let’s explore the details that make a simple introduction a powerful way to connect with others.

18 Unique Ways to Introduce Yourself in French

When you introduce yourself in French, adding a unique touch can make it more personal. Instead of saying ‘Je m’appelle [name],’ why not share something special about yourself?

No. French English Translation
1 Bonjour, je m’appelle [Name]. Hello, my name is [Name].
2 Salut, moi c’est [Name]. Hi, I’m [Name].
3 Enchanté(e), je suis [Name]. Nice to meet you, I am [Name].
4 Je me présente, je m’appelle [Name]. Let me introduce myself, my name is [Name].
5 Je suis [Name] et je viens de [Place]. I am [Name] and I come from [Place].
6 Je m’appelle [Name], ravi(e) de faire votre connaissance. My name is [Name], pleased to meet you.
7 Bonjour à tous, je suis [Name]. Hello everyone, I am [Name].
8 Permettez-moi de me présenter, je m’appelle [Name]. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is [Name].
9 Salut, je suis [Name], et vous? Hi, I am [Name], and you?
10 Je m’appelle [Name], mais tout le monde m’appelle [Nickname]. My name is [Name], but everyone calls me [Nickname].
11 Vous pouvez m’appeler [Nickname], mais mon vrai nom est [Name]. You can call me [Nickname], but my real name is [Name].
12 Mon nom est [Name], et je suis passionné(e) par [Interest]. My name is [Name], and I am passionate about [Interest].
13 Bonjour, je m’appelle [Name] et je travaille comme [Profession]. Hello, my name is [Name] and I work as [Profession].
14 Salut, je m’appelle [Name], j’habite à [Place]. Hi, my name is [Name], I live in [Place].
15 Je suis [Name], étudiant(e) en [Field of Study]. I am [Name], a student in [Field of Study].
16 Je m’appelle [Name] et j’adore [Hobby]. My name is [Name] and I love [Hobby].
17 Bonjour, je suis [Name], je viens de [Country] et j’aime [Interest]. Hello, I am [Name], I come from [Country] and I like [Interest].
18 Salut, je suis [Name], enchanté(e) de vous rencontrer. Hi, I am [Name], delighted to meet you.


Introducing yourself in French is crucial for good communication and fitting in culturally. It helps you connect better in different situations, and build friendships, and work relationships. The 18 ways to introduce yourself that we talked about are not just about speaking well. They also show you respect French culture. Keep practising these introductions. They will definitely improve your French and help you understand the culture better.

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