Master The Family Tree: 60 Italian Terms For Family Relations

Learning the Italian terms for family relations isn’t just about words. It’s a way to get the family dynamics and cultural values in Italy. As we go through these 60 Italian terms, we’ll see how Italians view and value their family members.

In Italy, family is everything. It’s at the heart of how people live and shapes their values and everyday lives. Italian families are close-knit, not just parents and kids but a whole network of relatives. This tight family bond affects everything from personal choices to business dealings and spans generations.

Mastering the Family Tree: 60 Essential Italian Terms for Family Relations

Knowing who’s who in a family is crucial when you dive into Italian family ties. Start with the basics: ‘padre’ means father and ‘madre’ means mother. These words are your starting point.

Then, you’ve got your extended family. This includes people like ‘bisnonno’, your great grandfather, and ‘zio’, your uncle. Getting these terms down helps you get the full picture of Italian family networks.

Immediate Family

Number Italian Term English Translation
1 Padre Father
2 Madre Mother
3 Genitori Parents
4 Figlio Son
5 Figlia Daughter
6 Fratello Brother
7 Sorella Sister
8 Marito Husband
9 Moglie Wife
10 Bambino Child (male)
11 Bambina Child (female)

Extended Family

Number Italian Term English Translation
12 Nonno Grandfather
13 Nonna Grandmother
14 Nipote Grandchild/Grandson/Granddaughter/Niece/Nephew
15 Zio Uncle
16 Zia Aunt
17 Cugino Cousin (male)
18 Cugina Cousin (female)
19 Bisnonno Great-grandfather
20 Bisnonna Great-grandmother
21 Pronipote Great-grandchild
22 Suocero Father-in-law
23 Suocera Mother-in-law
24 Genero Son-in-law
25 Nuora Daughter-in-law
26 Cognato Brother-in-law
27 Cognata Sister-in-law
28 Padrino Godfather
29 Madrina Godmother
30 Figlioccio Godson
31 Figlioccia Goddaughter

By Marriage/Partnership

Number Italian Term English Translation
32 Fidanzato Fiancé (male)
33 Fidanzata Fiancée (female)
34 Compagno Partner (male)
35 Compagna Partner (female)
36 Coniuge Spouse

Other Family Terms

Number Italian Term English Translation
37 Patrigno Stepfather
38 Matrigna Stepmother
39 Fratellastro Stepbrother
40 Sorellastra Stepsister
41 Figliastro Stepson
42 Figliastra Stepdaughter
43 Parenti Relatives
44 Nipote Nephew/Niece
45 Prozio Great-uncle
46 Prozia Great-aunt
47 Pronipote Great-nephew/Great-niece
48 Marito e moglie Husband and wife
49 Compagni di vita Life partners
50 Bisnipote Great-grandchild
51 Nipote di secondo grado Grandnephew/Grandniece
52 Zio acquisito Uncle by marriage
53 Zia acquisita Aunt by marriage
54 Suoceri In-laws
55 Consuoceri Co-parents-in-law
56 Parenti stretti Close relatives
57 Fratelli Siblings
58 Sorelle Sisters
59 Fratelli e sorelle Brothers and sisters
60 Famiglia Family


In conclusion, Italian has many words for family members because family is essential in their culture. Learning these terms helps with speaking the language and understanding Italian values. Family is central to Italy, and each word shows the closeness Italians feel to each other. This guide is helpful for those wanting to connect with their Italian roots, learn the language, or just understand how important family is in Italy.

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