How To Compliment Someone In Italian – Ultimate Guide

Mastering how to compliment in Italian is more than just being nice. It shows you the Italian way of life. In Italy, compliments are sincere. They’re a crucial part of how people connect with each other. Whether you’re admiring someone’s style or cooking, your words mean a lot.

These compliments do more than make people feel good. They help everyone get along better, in a place where friendships and personal ties are super important. Let’s dive into how these compliments work and why they matter so much in Italian culture.

Different Ways to Compliment Someone in Italian

Complimenting Someone’s Look (Ciao bella, Sei bellissima/o)

When you want to compliment someone’s appearance in Italian, you can start with simple phrases like ‘Ciao bella’ for a woman or ‘Sei bellissimo’ for a man. These phrases do more than just point out someone’s good looks—they also make people feel warm and welcomed.

If you want to get a bit more personal, try saying things like ‘Hai degli occhi bellissimi,’ which means ‘You have beautiful eyes,’ or ‘Quel vestito ti sta benissimo,’ meaning ‘That dress looks great on you.’

Number Compliment in Italian English Translation
1 Sei bellissima. You are beautiful.
2 Hai un sorriso meraviglioso. You have a wonderful smile.
3 Hai degli occhi stupendi. You have gorgeous eyes.
4 Mi piace molto il tuo stile. I really like your style.
5 Sei molto affascinante. You are very charming.
6 Sei molto fotogenico/fotogenica. You are very photogenic.

Complimenting Someone’s Work (Complimenti, Bravo)

Complimenting Someone's Work

Praising someone’s work, with a simple ‘Complimenti’ or a lively ‘Bravo’, is key to a positive workplace. In Italy, showing appreciation is part of the culture. It lifts spirits and encourages people to keep up the excellent work.

When someone nails it, ‘Compliment’ is more formal and perfect for professional settings. ‘Bravo, on the other hand, is more vibrant and often celebrates great creativity or skill. Both sayings show that you recognise and value someone’s efforts when used sincerely.

Number Compliment in Italian English Translation
1 Hai fatto un ottimo lavoro. You did an excellent job.
2 Sei davvero in gamba. You are really capable.
3 Il tuo lavoro è eccellente. Your work is excellent.
4 Sei un professionista. You are a professional.
5 La tua dedizione è ammirevole. Your dedication is admirable

Complimenting Someone’s Skills (Bravo, Che bravo/brava)

In Italian, when you want to compliment someone’s skills, you can say ‘Bravo’ or ‘Che bravo/brava.’ These phrases are great for showing your admiration, no matter the situation.

Use ‘Bravo’ for men and ‘Brava’ for women, which matches Italian grammar rules. If you want to stress how impressive someone is, you can start with ‘Che,’ like ‘Che bravo’ or ‘Che brava.’

Number Compliment in Italian English Translation
1 Sei molto intelligente. You are very intelligent.
2 Sei molto talentuoso/talentosa. You are very talented.
3 Hai un gran senso dell’umorismo. You have a great sense of humor.
4 Sei un ottimo cuoco/un’ottima cuoca. You are an excellent cook.
5 Hai una voce bellissima. You have a beautiful voice.

Complimenting Food (Che buono, Delizioso)

compliment someone's cooking in Italian

When you compliment someone’s cooking in Italian, phrases like ‘Che buono’ and ‘Delizioso’ show you appreciate the meal. ‘Che buono means ‘How good’ and works for any tasty dish. ‘Delizioso means ‘Delicious’ and fits when you’re really impressed.

Number Compliment in Italian English Translation
1 Questo piatto è delizioso. This dish is delicious.
2 Hai cucinato divinamente. You cooked divinely.
3 Questo è il miglior pasto che abbia mai mangiato. This is the best meal I’ve ever had.
4 Complimenti allo chef. Compliments to the chef.
5 Il sapore è fantastico. The flavor is fantastic.

Generic Compliments (Complimenti, Come sei bravo/brava)

Generic compliments like ‘Complimenti’ and ‘Come sei bravo/brava’ are simple, versatile phrases we use in Italian to praise someone. You don’t need a particular reason to say these words. They’re for any time you want to acknowledge someone’s skills or efforts. Maybe a friend made a great dinner, or a coworker gave a killer presentation. These compliments are a way to say ‘great job’ and boost someone’s spirits.

Number Compliment in Italian English Translation
1 Sei una persona incredibile. You are an incredible person.
2 Che persona gentile che sei. What a kind person you are.
3 Sei un amico/amica fantastico/fantastica. You are a fantastic friend.
4 Sei pieno/piena di energia. You are full of energy.
5 Hai un gran cuore. You have a big heart.
6 Sei una persona molto generosa. You are a very generous person.
7 Sei una persona molto interessante. You are a very interesting person.
8 Mi fai sentire speciale. You make me feel special.


Mastering compliments in Italian can improve your communication and help you connect better. We’ve seen how important it is to notice and appreciate beauty, achievements, effort, and personal qualities. Compliments are essential in Italian social life. They create goodwill, strengthen ties, and spread positivity.

Whether you compliment someone’s style, celebrate their success, or do something nice, it makes a big difference. Keep practising these expressions in your conversations. Remember, being sincere and aware of the culture is crucial. These tips will help you have better chats and connections in Italy.

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