How To Say “Goodnight” In Italian: 15 Delightful Ways

Discovering the various ways to say ‘goodnight’ in Italian reveals more than new words. It opens a window into how Italians interact, blending formalities and personal touches depending on the situation. This basic knowledge helps you connect better with Italian-speaking people and makes your time in Italy more enjoyable.

Whether chatting with a friend or saying goodbye at night in a formal setting, knowing these little details can make a big difference in how well you communicate and fit in during different social situations in Italy.

15 Delightful Ways to Say “Goodnight” in Italian

Exploring the different ways to say ‘Goodnight’ in Italian can make your evening chats more exciting and help you connect with Italian culture.

The usual ‘Buonanotte!’ or the shorter ‘Notte!’ are popular. If you want warmth, try ‘Sogni d’oro,’ which means ‘sweet dreams.’

No. Italian Phrase English Translation
1 Buonanotte Goodnight
2 Sogni d’oro Sweet dreams (literally: golden dreams)
3 Dormi bene Sleep well
4 A domani See you tomorrow
5 Notte serena Peaceful night
6 Buon riposo Good rest
7 Sogni belli Beautiful dreams
8 Che tu possa avere dei bei sogni May you have sweet dreams
9 Fai bei sogni Have sweet dreams
10 Dormi bene e sogni d’oro Sleep well and sweet dreams
11 Notte notte Night night
12 Riposa bene Rest well
13 Dormi come un angioletto Sleep like an angel
14 Buona notte e sogni d’oro Good night and sweet dreams
15 Addormentati con un sorriso Fall asleep with a smile



Learning different ways to say ‘Goodnight’ in Italian can boost your language skills and help you get closer to the culture. When you know how to say these phrases right, you’re better at chatting and can connect more deeply with people from Italy. Whether you’re saying goodbye formally or just tossing a friendly ‘night’ to pals, each version has its little twist. Getting these right shows you respect their ways and understand how Italians interact. Keep practising these sayings. It’ll make your conversations smoother and your time around Italian speakers more enjoyable. Dive into the charm of the Italian language and just go for it—say ‘Buona notte!’

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