How To Say “Hello” In Italian: 20 Italian Greetings

Mastering the art of Italian greetings is more than just a linguistic skill. It’s a tool that can help you navigate the intricacies of Italian culture, whether you’re a visitor or a language learner. By correctly understanding and using these 20 Italian greetings, you can enhance your interactions and build meaningful connections in Italian society.

20 Different Ways to Say Hello in Italian

Different Ways to Say Hello in Italian

No Italian Greeting English Translation
1 Ciao Hi/Hello
2 Salve Hello
3 Buongiorno Good morning
4 Buonasera Good evening
5 Ehi Hey
6 Oi Hey (informal)
7 Ciao bella/bello Hello beautiful (feminine/masculine)
8 Ciao ragazzi Hi guys
9 Ciao amici Hi friends
10 Saluti Greetings
11 Piacere Nice to meet you
12 Come va? How’s it going?
13 Come stai? How are you?
14 Tutto bene? All good?
15 Ben tornato/a Welcome back
16 Eccomi Here I am
17 Buon giorno Good day
18 Buona sera Good evening
19 Buona notte Good night
20 Bentornati Welcome back (plural)


To wrap it up, knowing how to greet people in Italian goes beyond just speaking another language. It’s about connecting with others in a way that shows you respect their way of life. It makes conversations go smoothly and builds stronger bonds within the community. Every greeting is a chance to show friendliness and welcome, which are significant parts of Italian culture. So, if you’re learning Italian, use these greetings daily. It’s a great way to be part of the vibrant social life in Italy.

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