55 Funny Italian Words & Phrases

Exploring 55 funny Italian words and phrases shows us more than just the unique aspects of the Italian language. It also gives us a peek into Italy’s cultural values and everyday life. These phrases are often funny and full of vivid pictures, highlighting how Italians love to use expressive language.

List of 55 Funny words & phrases

List of 55 words & phrases

No. Funny Italian Word English Meaning
1 Abbuffato Stuffed
2 Accidenti Darn it
3 Aracnofobia Fear of spiders
4 Baffone Mustache
5 Baubau Woof woof
6 Bauscia Smooch
7 Belino Cute
8 Bocchinaro Chatterbox
9 Bocconcino Little mouthful
10 Brindellone Lazybones
11 Capriccioso Capricious
12 Cassamorta Killjoy
13 Cazzimborio Nonsense
14 Cionciolo Chubby
15 Coccole Cuddles
16 Cornuto Cuckold
17 Culetto Little bottom
18 Ditalino Little finger
19 Farfallone Flutterby
20 Fesseria Silly thing
21 Fiatone Out of breath
22 Frignone Crybaby
23 Frottola Fib
24 Gaglioffo Rascal
25 Gattabuia Darkness
26 Gingillone Dawdler
27 Gocciolone Drip
28 Grattugia Grater
29 Guaio Trouble
30 Impiastro Mess
31 Incasinato Messed up
32 Intruglione Busybody
33 Leccornia Delicacy
34 Malaugurio Bad omen
35 Manicaretto Tasty dish
36 Marmocchio Brat
37 Mazzamaurielle Mixup
38 Merendina Snack
39 Mollica Breadcrumb
40 Mozzicone Cigarette butt
41 Mustacchio Mustache
42 Orzata Barley water
43 Pasticcione Bungler
44 Pettegolezzo Gossip
45 Pisolino Nap
46 Prosuntuoso Arrogant
47 Quaquaraquà Quack quack
48 Ruzzolare To tumble
49 Sbadiglio Yawn
50 Sbucciare To peel
51 Scorreggia Fart
52 Segaligno Sawdust
53 Sviolinare To play violin
54 Tarantolato Restless
55 Tortellino Little tortello


As you delve into these 55 funny Italian words and phrases, you’re not just expanding your Italian vocabulary. You’re gaining a deeper understanding of Italian life. These sayings, shared in the daily conversations of Italians, reveal the humour and values at the heart of Italian culture. It’s like making new friends in Italy, all from the comfort of your own home.

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