45 Unique Ways To Say “Goodbye” In Italian

Exploring the Italian language shows how saying goodbye reveals Italy’s cultural details and social manners. The different ways people say farewell show whether interactions are formal or casual, highlighting the relationships and feelings between those talking. Getting these right is crucial for anyone learning Italian, as it improves language skills and helps understand the culture.

45 Unique Ways to Say Goodbye in Italian

Unique Ways to Say Goodbye in Italian

Italian English Translation
Arrivederci Goodbye (formal)
Ciao Bye (informal)
Addio Farewell (permanent)
A presto See you soon
A dopo See you later
Ci vediamo See you
Buona giornata Have a good day
Buona serata Have a good evening
Buona notte Good night
Stammi bene Take care
Alla prossima Until next time
Ci sentiamo We’ll be in touch
A più tardi See you later
Fai buon viaggio Have a good trip
In bocca al lupo Good luck (literally: “Into the wolf’s mouth”)
Saluti Regards
Ci si vede See you around
A domani See you tomorrow
Fino alla prossima volta Until next time
Tante belle cose All the best
Buon proseguimento Have a good continuation
Arrivederla Goodbye (very formal)
Salutami tutti Say hello to everyone for me
Baci e abbracci Kisses and hugs
Ti saluto I salute you
Abbi cura di te Take care of yourself
Buon tutto All the best
A risentirci Talk to you later
Ci risentiamo We’ll talk again
A fra poco See you in a bit
Buona continuazione Have a good continuation
Buon rientro Have a safe trip back
Alla prossima occasione Until the next occasion
Con affetto With affection
Rimani in contatto Stay in touch
Sii prudente Be careful
Divertiti Have fun
Passa una buona giornata Have a good day
State bene Stay well
Riguardati Take care of yourself
Ci si risente We’ll be in touch
Resta in gamba Stay cool
Ci si becca Catch you later (very informal)
Fammi sapere Let me know
Stai attento Be careful


In short, the many ways to say goodbye in Italian show how rich and flexible the language is. Learning these phrases improves your language skills and helps you understand Italian social norms better. Knowing how to say goodbye correctly can strengthen your relationships and show respect for the culture, whether in a laid-back or a more formal setting. So, getting these right is essential if you want to fit in well in Italian society.

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