80 Animal Names In Italian: A Linguistic Safari

Exploring Italian animal names is like uncovering hidden treasures of the language. When we dig into why different species are named the way they are, we learn about Italy’s history and how people there have interacted with these animals. It’s fascinating and tells us more than just names; it shows how much animals matter in Italian culture, both in practical and sacred ways.

80 Animal Names in Italian

Animal Names in Italian


Italian English
Cane Dog
Gatto Cat
Cavallo Horse
Leone Lion
Tigre Tiger
Elefante Elephant
Scimmia Monkey
Talpa Mole
Marmotta Marmot
Lontra Otter
Castoro Beaver
Mucca Cow
Toro Bull
Pecora Sheep
Capra Goat
Maiale Pig
Cinghiale Wild boar
Cammello Camel
Lama Llama
Furetto Ferret
Porcellino d’India Guinea pig
Coniglio Rabbit
Lepre Hare
Riccio Hedgehog
Scoiattolo Squirrel
Topo Mouse
Ratto Rat
Pipistrello Bat
Volpe Fox
Lupo Wolf
Orso Bear
Cervo Deer
Alce Elk
Rena Reindeer
Pantera Panther
Giaguaro Jaguar
Ghepardo Cheetah
Leopardo Leopard
Gorilla Gorilla
Scimpanzé Chimpanzee
Orango Orangutan
Rinoceronte Rhinoceros
Ippopotamo Hippopotamus
Zebra Zebra


Italian English
Uccello Bird
Struzzo Ostrich
Pinguino Penguin
Gufo Owl
Falco Falcon
Aquila Eagle
Condor Condor
Pellicano Pelican
Gabbiano Seagull
Corvo Crow
Pappagallo Parrot
Colomba Dove
Civetta Little owl

Fish and Marine Animals

Italian English
Pesce Fish
Delfino Dolphin
Squalo Shark
Balena Whale
Medusa Jellyfish
Polpo Octopus
Granchio Crab
Aragosta Lobster
Gambero Shrimp
Seppia Cuttlefish
Cavalluccio marino Seahorse
Stella marina Starfish
Riccio di mare Sea urchin


Italian English
Serpente Snake
Lucertola Lizard
Tartaruga Turtle
Coccodrillo Crocodile


Italian English
Rana Frog

Insects and Arthropods

Italian English
Cavalletta Grasshopper
Farfalla Butterfly
Ape Bee
Vespa Wasp
Formica Ant
Coccinella Ladybug
Scarafaggio Cockroach
Zanzara Mosquito
Libellula Dragonfly
Lumaca Snail
Chiocciola Snail (with shell)
Ragno Spider
Grillo Cricket
Cicala Cicada
Lucciola Firefly


In short, learning 80 animal names in Italian does more than boost your language skills. It also connects you to Italy’s rich culture and wildlife. Exploring these names helps us appreciate the variety of life and the unique aspects of Italian culture. Understanding this can deepen our respect for nature and Italy’s language heritage. It’s precious for anyone interested in Italian language and culture.

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