75 Magical Shades Of Color In French

Exploring 75 magical shades of color in French isn’t just about adding words to your vocabulary. It’s also about diving deep into the culture that comes with each shade. You’re not just learning to describe things differently when you learn words like ‘cerise’ for cherry red or ‘sable’ for sand. You’re learning about the history and art that these colors carry with them.

Exploring Different Shades of Colors in French

Different Shades of Colors

No French Color English Translation
1 Abricot Apricot
2 Amarante Amaranth
3 Ambre Amber
4 Améthyste Amethyst
5 Ardoise Slate
6 Argent Silver
7 Aubergine Eggplant
8 Aurore Aurora
9 Azur Azure
10 Bégonia Begonia
11 Bistre Bistre
12 Bleu Canard Duck Blue
13 Bleu de France French Blue
14 Bleu Lavande Lavender Blue
15 Brun Brown
16 Caramel Caramel
17 Carmin Carmine
18 Céladon Celadon
19 Cerise Cherry
20 Châtain Chestnut
21 Chocolat Chocolate
22 Ciel Sky
23 Corail Coral
24 Crème Cream
25 Cuivre Copper
26 Écarlate Scarlet
27 Émeraude Emerald
28 Feu Fire
29 Framboise Raspberry
30 Fuchsia Fuchsia
31 Grenat Garnet
32 Groseille Redcurrant
33 Indigo Indigo
34 Ivoire Ivory
35 Jade Jade
36 Jaune Paille Straw Yellow
37 Lavande Lavender
38 Lilas Lilac
39 Lin Linen
40 Magenta Magenta
41 Marron Maroon
42 Menthe Mint
43 Moutarde Mustard
44 Nacre Nacre
45 Noir Black
46 Olive Olive
47 Orange Orange
48 Orchidée Orchid
49 Or Gold
50 Parme Parma
51 Pêche Peach
52 Perle Pearl
53 Pivoine Peony
54 Prune Plum
55 Pourpre Purple
56 Rose Pink
57 Rouille Rust
58 Rubis Ruby
59 Safran Saffron
60 Sable Sand
61 Saphir Sapphire
62 Sinople Sinople
63 Soufre Sulfur
64 Tangerine Tangerine
65 Topaze Topaz
66 Turquoise Turquoise
67 Vanille Vanilla
68 Vermeil Vermilion
69 Vermillon Vermilion
70 Vert Amande Almond Green
71 Vert Épinard Spinach Green
72 Vert Forêt Forest Green
73 Vert Mousse Moss Green
74 Vert Olive Olive Green
75 Violet Violet


In short, exploring the 75 magical shades of color in French deepens your understanding of the language and the culture. Each color carries meaning and feelings, making your communication richer and connecting you more deeply with French art and traditions. This journey expands your vocabulary and adds a colourful layer to your understanding of the culture. Learning about these colours is key to fully grasping the language and appreciating the culture.

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