40 Useful Ways To Ask Someone “Their Name” & Say “My Name Is” In Italian

Mastering introductions in Italian is about more than just words. It’s about getting the culture right, too. Introductions lay the groundwork for all kinds of relationships. They’re essential, whether you’re in a business meeting or meeting friends. In Italy, how you introduce yourself changes greatly depending on the situation. Paying attention to these details helps you communicate better and build stronger connections.

25 Useful Phrases for Asking for Someone’s Name

Useful Phrases for Asking for Someone's Name

Italian Phrase English Translation
Come ti chiami? What’s your name? (informal)
Come si chiama? What’s your name? (formal)
Qual è il tuo nome? What is your name? (informal)
Qual è il Suo nome? What is your name? (formal)
Mi dica il Suo nome, per favore. Tell me your name, please. (formal)
Posso chiedere il tuo nome? May I ask your name? (informal)
Potrei sapere il Suo nome? Could I know your name? (formal)
Come posso chiamarti? How can I call you? (informal)
Con chi ho il piacere di parlare? With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking? (formal)
Mi diresti il tuo nome? Would you tell me your name? (informal)
Scusi, non ho capito il Suo nome. Excuse me, I didn’t catch your name. (formal)
Di grazia, come si chiama? May I ask, what’s your name? (very formal)
Mi presento, tu come ti chiami? I’ll introduce myself, what’s your name? (informal)
Come devo chiamarLa? How should I address you? (formal)
Non credo di conoscere il tuo nome. I don’t think I know your name. (informal)
Piacere, tu sei…? Nice to meet you, you are…? (informal)
Mi ricordi il tuo nome? Can you remind me of your name? (informal)
Perdonami, ma non ricordo il tuo nome. Forgive me, but I don’t remember your name. (informal)
Potrei avere il piacere di conoscere il Suo nome? Could I have the pleasure of knowing your name? (formal)
Come ti presenti? How do you introduce yourself? (informal)
Come ti fai chiamare? What do you like to be called? (informal)
Qual è il Suo nome di battesimo? What is your given name? (formal)
Come preferisce essere chiamato/a? How do you prefer to be addressed? (formal)
Mi dica come si chiama. Tell me what your name is. (formal)
Posso sapere il Suo nome? May I know your name? (formal)

15 Ways to Say “My Name Is”

Ways to Say My Name Is

Italian Phrase English Translation
Mi chiamo… My name is…
Il mio nome è… My name is…
Sono… I am…
Piacere, sono… Nice to meet you, I’m…
Mi presento, sono… Let me introduce myself, I’m…
Permettimi di presentarmi, sono… Allow me to introduce myself, I’m…
Mi chiamano… They call me…
Il mio nome di battesimo è… My given name is…
Mi conoscono come… I’m known as…
Puoi chiamarmi… You can call me…
Mi fa piacere presentarmi, sono… I’m pleased to introduce myself, I’m…
Per gli amici sono… To my friends, I’m…
Mi dicono… People call me…
Io mi chiamo… I call myself…
Il mio nome completo è… My full name is…


To wrap it up, learning to ask for someone’s name and introduce yourself in Italian is critical for clear communication. These phrases help you connect with others and show respect for Italian traditions. Using different ways to say these simple things can really boost your language skills and understanding of Italian culture. This makes interactions smoother, whether just making friends or doing business.

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