12 Unique Ways To Say Good Luck In Italian

Exploring how Italians say good luck shows the richness of Italy’s language and culture. We find 12 unique ways Italians wish someone luck, each deeply embedded in their way of life. These phrases range from old sayings passed down through generations to casual words you might hear on the streets of Rome or Milan.

Whether through a simple gesture or a heartfelt wish, these phrases enrich social interactions and strengthen community bonds. Knowing these expressions helps you see how much Italians value relationships and community. In short, they are key to how Italians communicate.

Top 12 Unique Ways to Say Good Luck in Italian

Here are twelve unique Italian phrases to wish someone luck, each with its cultural flavour.

# Italian Phrase English Translation
1 In bocca al lupo! Into the wolf’s mouth! (Good luck!)
2 Crepi il lupo! May the wolf die! (Response to “In bocca al lupo”)
3 Auguri! Best wishes!
4 Ti faccio un grosso in bocca al lupo! I give you a big “into the wolf’s mouth!”
5 Cento di questi giorni! A hundred of these days!
6 Che la fortuna sia con te! May fortune be with you!
7 Un in bocca al lupo per tutto! A “good luck” for everything!
8 Tanta roba! Much stuff! (A way to wish immense luck)
9 Evviva! Cheers! (Often used to express joy and well-wishes)
10 Speriamo bene! Let’s hope for the best!
11 Tocca ferro! Touch iron! (Similar to “knock on wood”)
12 Vai e spacca! Go and smash it! (Encouragement to excel)


To sum up, the different ways Italians say good luck show how rich and community-focused their culture is. If you learn these phrases, you’ll improve your language skills and connect more deeply with Italian people. Using these sayings in everyday conversation helps keep their traditions alive. It also builds stronger community ties and keeps the Italian cultural heritage vibrant.

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