Colors In Italian (With Hex Code): A Ultimate Guide

Learning colours in Italian isn’t just about words; it helps you dive into Italian culture and life. When you know this part of the language, travelling in Italy becomes much more rewarding. You can connect better with locals, understanding their everyday phrases that often mention colours. Plus, knowing the colours helps you talk about and understand paintings and sculptures better if you love art.

Comprehensive List of Italian Colors

Comprehensive List of Italian Colors (1)


Italian English Hex Code
Rosso Red #FF0000
Blu Blue #0000FF
Giallo Yellow #FFFF00
Verde Green #008000
Arancione Orange #FFA500
Viola Purple #800080
Rosa Pink #FFC0CB
Marrone Brown #A52A2A
Nero Black #000000
Bianco White #FFFFFF
Grigio Gray #808080
Azzurro Light Blue #ADD8E6
Turchese Turquoise #40E0D0
Beige Beige #F5F5DC
Oro Gold #FFD700
Argento Silver #C0C0C0
Indaco Indigo #4B0082
Magenta Magenta #FF00FF
Cremisi Crimson #DC143C
Bordeaux Burgundy #800020
Ocra Ochre #CC7722
Oliva Olive #808000
Lavanda Lavender #E6E6FA
Lilla Lilac #C8A2C8
Corallo Coral #FF7F50
Salmone Salmon #FA8072
Prugna Plum #DDA0DD
Fucsia Fuchsia #FF00FF
Celeste Sky Blue #87CEEB
Avorio Ivory #FFFFF0


Learning about these colours does more than build your vocabulary—it helps you dive deep into Italian culture. It’s vital to explore Italy’s world-famous art, fashion, and food. Plus, it helps you connect better with Italian people. Whether you’re just visiting or intensely studying the language and culture, understanding these colours makes your time in Italy more rewarding.

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