35 Ways To Say “Thank You” & “You’re Welcome” In Japanese

In Japanese culture, how you speak is very important, especially when you say ‘Thank you’ and ‘You’re welcome.’ There are 35 ways to express these phrases, each fitting a specific social situation and showing varying respect, humility, or sincerity.

Learning these phrases is more than just boosting your language skills; it’s about improving how you connect with others in Japan. These expressions are deeply tied to the country’s cultural values and social rules. Understanding them can give you practical language skills and a deeper insight into Japanese society.

35 Ways to Say “Thank You” in Japanese

Ways to Say Thank You in Japanese

Japanese Romaji English Translation
ありがとう Arigatou Thank you
ありがとうございます Arigatou gozaimasu Thank you (polite)
どうも Doumo Thanks
どうもありがとう Doumo arigatou Thank you very much
感謝します Kansha shimasu I’m grateful
ありがたい Arigatai I’m thankful
助かります Tasukari masu You’re a great help
恐れ入ります Osore irimasu I’m indebted to you
御礼申し上げます Orei moushiage masu I express my gratitude (formal)
感謝しています Kansha shite imasu I’m thankful
サンキュー Sankyuu Thank you (casual, from English)
ありがとうね Arigatou ne Thanks, you know
助かりました Tasukari mashita You’ve been a great help
嬉しいです Ureshii desu I’m happy (implying thanks)
感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです Kansha no kimochi de ippai desu I’m filled with gratitude
本当にありがとう Hontou ni arigatou Thank you so much
心から感謝します Kokoro kara kansha shimasu I thank you from my heart
感謝の言葉もありません Kansha no kotoba mo arimasen I have no words to express my gratitude

Ways to Say “You’re Welcome” in Japanese

Ways to Say You're Welcome in Japanese

Japanese Romaji English Translation
どういたしまして Douitashimashite You’re welcome
いいえ Iie No (implying “it’s nothing”)
とんでもない Tondemonai Not at all
気にしないで Ki ni shinaide Don’t worry about it
お安いご用です Oyasui goyou desu It’s a small matter
いいんですよ Iin desu yo It’s fine
大丈夫です Daijoubu desu It’s okay
お役に立てて嬉しいです Oyaku ni tatete ureshii desu I’m glad I could help
どうぞ Douzo Please (implying “you’re welcome”)
こちらこそ Kochira koso It’s me who should be thankful
喜んで Yorokonde With pleasure
問題ありません Mondai arimasen No problem
どういたしまして Douitashimashite You’re welcome (formal)
まあ Maa Well (casual way of dismissing thanks)
いえいえ Ie ie No, no (dismissing thanks)
当然です Touzen desu It’s natural/expected
お気になさらず Oki ni nasarazu Please don’t worry about it


In short, knowing how to say thank you is crucial, and you’re welcome in Japanese. These phrases do more than express thanks. They help keep peace and build bonds. When you use these expressions correctly, you show respect and modesty, which are essential in Japan. So, learning them is a must if you’re getting involved with Japanese culture.

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