30 Delicious Fruits In German To Sweeten Your Vocabulary

Exploring the different fruits in Germany is not just about enjoying their taste but also about what Germans prefer. People in Germany care about where their fruits come from and how they are grown. Germans like fresh and good quality fruit, so you’ll see many fruit markets around.

List of 30 Fruits in German

German English
Apfel Apple
Birne Pear
Banane Banana
Orange Orange
Erdbeere Strawberry
Kirsche Cherry
Traube Grape
Zitrone Lemon
Limette Lime
Pfirsich Peach
Nektarine Nectarine
Aprikose Apricot
Pflaume Plum
Ananas Pineapple
Kiwi Kiwi
Mango Mango
Wassermelone Watermelon
Honigmelone Honeydew melon
Himbeere Raspberry
Brombeere Blackberry
Heidelbeere Blueberry
Preiselbeere Cranberry
Grapefruit Grapefruit
Granatapfel Pomegranate
Feige Fig
Passionsfrucht Passion fruit
Kaktusfeige Prickly pear
Litschi Lychee
Maracuja Passion fruit
Papaya Papaya


To wrap it up, knowing the names of 30 fruits in German boosts your language skills. It helps you dive into Germany’s rich food culture. This isn’t just about talking better; it’s about understanding a culture more deeply. When you use these fruit names regularly, you get better at German and enjoy a deeper connection with German traditions. So, learning about fruits is vital for both language and cultural knowledge.

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