25 Unique Ways To Say Hello In German

Learning how to greet people in German boosts your language skills. It also helps you connect with a culture deeply rooted in Europe. German is the most spoken native language in the European Union, so knowing a simple ‘Hallo’ or ‘Guten Tag’ shows respect and appreciation for that culture. This can lead to better friendships and smoother professional interactions in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

25 Unique Ways to Say Hello in German

Ways to Say Hello in German

German Greeting English Translation
Hallo Hello
Guten Tag Good day
Grüß Gott God’s greetings (used in Southern Germany and Austria)
Servus Hello/Goodbye (informal, used in Southern Germany and Austria)
Moin Hi (used in Northern Germany)
Grüezi Hello (Swiss German)
Guten Morgen Good morning
Guten Abend Good evening
Mahlzeit Hello (literally “mealtime”, used around lunchtime)
Na Hey
Wie geht’s? How’s it going?
Hallöchen Hello (cute/informal)
Tach Hello (informal, short for “Guten Tag”)
Salü Hi (from French, used in Southwest Germany)
Grüß dich Greetings to you
Tag Day (short for “Guten Tag”)
Ahoi Ahoy (used in coastal regions)
Willkommen Welcome
Hi Hi (English loanword)
Sei gegrüßt Be greeted
Tagchen Little day (cute version of “Tag”)
Alles klar? Everything clear? (informal greeting)
Was geht? What’s up? (very informal)
Griass di Hello (Bavarian dialect)
Gude Hello (Hessian dialect)


In short, knowing how to say hello in different German ways shows the rich culture behind the language. When you use these greetings, you better understand German and learn more about the people and their customs. Using these phrases daily can make your talks with German speakers more real and respectful. So, knowing these greetings is helpful if you want to connect well with people in German-speaking places.

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