25 Creative Ways To Say Hello In French (Essential Greetings Guide)

When you study French greetings, you realize their importance in getting along with others and fitting into French culture. There’s more to it than just saying ‘Bonjour’. Each greeting has its shade, depending on the situation and what you mean by it. Knowing these nuances helps you communicate better and makes your interactions with French speakers more meaningful.

25 Creative Ways to Say Hello in French

25 Creative Ways to Say Hello in French

No French Greeting English Translation
1 Salut ! Hi!
2 Bonjour ! Good morning/day!
3 Coucou ! Hey there!
4 Hé ! Hey!
5 Yo ! Yo!
6 Quoi de neuf ? What’s new?
7 Comment vas-tu ? How are you? (informal)
8 Comment ça va ? How’s it going?
9 Ça roule ? Everything rolling?
10 Bien ou bien ? Good or good?
11 Tout va bien ? Is everything okay?
12 Ça gaze ? Is everything cool?
13 Ça baigne ? Is everything groovy?
14 Ça va les louloutes ? How are you doing, folks?
15 Alors, on se refait une beauté ? Shall we make ourselves beautiful again?
16 Salut la compagnie ! Hello, everyone!
17 Salut les amis ! Hi, friends!
18 Hé, les gars ! Hey, guys!
19 Bien le bonjour ! A good day to you!
20 Bonjour, bonjour ! Hello, hello!
21 Enchanté ! Delighted to meet you!
22 Ravi de vous voir ! Pleased to see you!
23 Bonne journée ! Have a nice day!
24 Bon après-midi ! Good afternoon!
25 Bonsoir ! Good evening!


In short, learning different ways to say hello in French is key to truly connecting with French culture. These greetings vary from formal to casual, making it easier to talk to people in various situations. When you use these different hellos, you’re improving your French skills and showing respect and understanding of the culture. So, it’s beneficial to know a range of these greetings. This helps you communicate better and more respectfully with people who speak French.

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