38 Romantic Ways To Say ‘I Love You’ In Japanese

Exploring how to express love in Japanese is both exciting and insightful. When we look at the 38 different ways to say ‘I love you’ in this language, we see how language reflects cultural values. From the casual ‘Suki da’ to the heartfelt ‘Aishiteru’, each phrase shows a lot about the feelings and relationships of the people speaking. Knowing these variations helps improve how we communicate and connect with others.

38 Romantic Ways to Say “I Love You” in Japanese

Exploring how to say ‘I love you’ in Japanese reveals the beauty of the language and the depth of its culture. When you like someone casually, you can start simply with ‘Suki da. ‘ If your feelings are deeper, you might say ‘Aishiteru.’ This range of expressions fits different levels of affection and stages in a relationship.

# Japanese English Translation
1 愛してる I love you (deeply, seriously).
2 大好きだよ I really like you (casual love).
3 好きだよ I like you.
4 君のことが好きです I like you (polite).
5 あなたに夢中です I’m crazy about you.
6 あなたがいないと寂しいです I feel lonely without you.
7 あなたを愛しています I love you (formal).
8 ずっと一緒にいたい I want to be with you forever.
9 君を守りたい I want to protect you.
10 君が必要だ I need you.
11 あなたに会いたい I want to see you.
12 あなたが恋しい I miss you.
13 手をつなぎたい I want to hold your hand.
14 いつもそばにいて Always be by my side.
15 あなたといる時間が好き I enjoy our time together.
16 君が笑うと私も幸せ When you smile, I am happy too.
17 一緒にいると安心する I feel safe when I’m with you.
18 あなたが好きでたまらない I can’t help but love you.
19 あなたがいるだけで幸せ Just having you makes me happy.
20 永遠にあなたを愛します I will love you forever.
21 あなたは私のすべて You are my everything.
22 あなたとずっと一緒にいたいです I want to be with you forever (polite).
23 君がいることが私の力 Having you is my strength.
24 あなたのためなら何でもする I would do anything for you.
25 あなたと過ごす時間が一番 Time spent with you is the best.
26 君は私の宝物 You are my treasure.
27 君との未来を夢見ている I dream of our future together.
28 君と手をつなぎたい I want to hold hands with you.
29 あなたといると時間が飛ぶようです Time flies when I’m with you.
30 君がいるから強くなれる I can be strong because you are here.
31 あなたと共に歳をとりたい I want to grow old with you.
32 君を想うと心が温かくなる Thinking of you warms my heart.
33 あなたがいてくれて本当にうれしい I’m really glad that you are here.
34 あなたは私の特別な人です You are my special person.
35 君の笑顔が好き I like your smile.
36 一緒に歩きたい I want to walk together.
37 君と話すのが大好き I love talking with you.
38 君だけを見ている I only have eyes for you.

Basic expressions

When you’re in Japan and want to express love, knowing the right phrases can help. Say ‘Aishiteru’ (愛してる) for deep, serious relationships. It’s a big deal. For something lighter, maybe at the start of a romance, ‘Suki da’ (好きだ) works well – it means ‘I like you’.

No. Japanese English Translation
1 こんにちは Hello
2 さようなら Goodbye
3 おはようございます Good morning (polite)
4 こんばんは Good evening
5 ありがとうございます Thank you (polite)
6 すみません Excuse me / I’m sorry
7 はい Yes
8 いいえ No
9 お願いします Please
10 助けてください Help me please
11 どういたしまして You’re welcome
12 わかりません I don’t understand
13 日本語がわかりますか? Do you understand Japanese?
14 英語を話せますか? Can you speak English?
15 トイレはどこですか? Where is the bathroom?
16 名前は何ですか? What is your name?
17 私の名前は___です My name is ___
18 いくらですか? How much is it?
19 もう一度言ってください Please say it again
20 乾杯! Cheers!

Romantic expressions

Romantic words in Japanese

Exploring romantic words in Japanese, we find many ways to express love. The phrase ‘Aishiteru’ means a deep, passionate love. ‘Daisuki da’ is less intense but shows strong affection. For something lighter, there’s ‘Suki da’. It’s like saying you like someone.

# Japanese English Translation
1 愛しています (Aishite imasu) I love you (polite and a bit formal).
2 君に夢中です (Kimi ni muchuu desu) I’m crazy about you.
3 一緒にいたいです (Issho ni itai desu) I want to be with you.
4 君がいないと寂しい (Kimi ga inai to sabishii) I’m lonely without you.
5 ずっと一緒にいよう (Zutto issho ni iyou) Let’s stay together forever.
6 君を守りたい (Kimi wo mamoritai) I want to protect you.
7 君の笑顔が好きです (Kimi no egao ga suki desu) I love your smile.
8 手をつなごう (Te wo tsunagou) Let’s hold hands.
9 あなたは私の太陽 (Anata wa watashi no taiyou) You are my sun.
10 永遠の愛を誓います (Eien no ai wo chikaimasu) I vow eternal love.
11 君を想う時間が好き (Kimi wo omou jikan ga suki) I enjoy thinking about you.
12 君がいるだけで幸せ (Kimi ga iru dake de shiawase) Just having you makes me happy.
13 私の心はいつもあなたと一緒に (Watashi no kokoro wa itsumo anata to issho ni) My heart is always with you.
14 あなたにぴったりの人 (Anata ni pittari no hito) You are the perfect one for me.
15 君は私の運命 (Kimi wa watashi no unmei) You are my destiny.
16 あなたと過ごす時間は魔法のよう (Anata to sugosu jikan wa mahou no you) Time with you is magical.
17 君とだけ老いたい (Kimi to dake oitai) I only want to grow old with you.
18 君を見るだけで心が躍る (Kimi wo miru dake de kokoro ga odoru) My heart leaps just seeing you.
19 あなたがいて、僕/私は完全です (Anata ga ite, boku/watashi wa kanzen desu) With you, I am complete.
20 あなたと一緒に夢を見たい (Anata to issho ni yume wo mitai) I want to dream together with you.

Marriage proposal

Marriage proposal

In Japanese culture, proposing is all about showing your true feelings and commitment. It’s a big deal, deeply rooted in tradition, and it’s all about showing how much you care. When planning your proposal, think about what you’ll say and where you’ll be and how you do it.

# Japanese English Translation
1 結婚してくれますか? (Kekkon shite kuremasu ka?) Will you marry me?
2 一生一緒にいてくれますか? (Isshou issho ni ite kuremasu ka?) Will you spend your life with me?
3 僕と結婚してください。 (Boku to kekkon shite kudasai.) Please marry me.
4 あなたとずっと一緒にいたいです。結婚してください。 (Anata to zutto issho ni itai desu. Kekkon shite kudasai.) I want to be with you forever. Please marry me.
5 私たち永遠に一緒にいましょう。結婚してくれますか? (Watashitachi eien ni issho ni imashou. Kekkon shite kuremasu ka?) Let’s be together forever. Will you marry me?
6 君との未来を信じています。一緒に老いましょう。結婚してください。 (Kimi to no mirai wo shinjite imasu. Issho ni oimashou. Kekkon shite kudasai.) I believe in our future together. Let’s grow old together. Please marry me.
7 君がいる人生を想像できない。結婚して、ずっとそばにいて。 (Kimi ga iru jinsei wo souzou dekinai. Kekkon shite, zutto soba ni ite.) I can’t imagine a life without you. Marry me and stay with me forever.
8 この素晴らしい人生の旅を一緒に歩んでください。結婚してください。 (Kono subarashii jinsei no tabi wo issho ni ayunde kudasai. Kekkon shite kudasai.) Please join me on this wonderful journey of life. Marry me.


Bonus: Japanese Love Songs, Quotes, and Proverbs

Japanese love songs, quotes, and proverbs show how love is seen and felt in their culture. Take the song ‘Kimi ga Suki’ by Mr. Children, for example. It really hits the heart, showing how deep and complex relationships can be. There’s also a saying, ‘恋は盲目’ (Koi wa moumoku), which means ‘Love is blind.’ It tells us love doesn’t always make sense, but it’s powerful.

These pieces of culture do more than just entertain. They teach us about the power of love. Quotes from books or movies often stick with us because they echo important values like loyalty, passion, and respect, which are important in Japanese society.


Exploring the different ways to say ‘I love you’ in Japanese helps us better understand the language. It also lets us see how culture shapes the way people connect with each other in Japan. We gain valuable insights by looking at 38 romantic phrases and including songs, quotes, and important proverbs in Japan. We learn about the thoughtful and respectful ways Japanese people show love.

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