25 Amazing Ways to Say Happy Birthday in Italian

Exploring different ways to say ‘Happy Birthday’ in Italian can expand your language skills and give you a peek into Italian culture. When we look at 25 unique birthday phrases, it’s clear that each has its vibe. Some are casual, while others are packed with emotion. This is great for anyone wanting a better feel for Italian customs or making their birthday wishes stand out.

25 Amazing Ways to Say Happy Birthday in Italian

Happy Birthday in Italian

Birthday wishes in Italian are full of the country’s warmth and culture. The simplest way to say it is ‘Buon compleanno,’ which means ‘Happy Birthday.’


No. Italian Greeting English Translation
1 Buon Compleanno! Happy Birthday!
2 Tanti auguri! Best wishes!
3 Tanti auguri di buon compleanno! Many happy birthday wishes!
4 Felice compleanno! Happy birthday!
5 Auguroni di buon compleanno! Big birthday wishes!
6 Cent’anni! May you live a hundred years!
7 Auguri! Congratulations!
8 Ti auguro un anno di mille sorrisi. I wish you a year of a thousand smiles.
9 Che tu possa avere tutto ciò che desideri! May you have everything you wish for!
10 Un brindisi alla tua salute! A toast to your health!
11 Spero che tutti i tuoi desideri si avverino. I hope all your wishes come true.
12 Possano tutti i tuoi sogni realizzarsi. May all your dreams come true.
13 Ti auguro un giorno pieno di felicità. I wish you a day full of happiness.
14 Che questo giorno sia solo l’inizio di un anno meraviglioso. May this day be just the beginning of a wonderful year.
15 Ti auguro un felice e sereno compleanno. I wish you a happy and peaceful birthday.
16 Auguri per un felice compleanno pieno di gioia! Best wishes for a joyful birthday!
17 Ti auguro il meglio oggi e sempre. I wish you the best today and always.
18 Divertiti molto nel tuo giorno speciale! Have lots of fun on your special day!
19 Che la felicità ti insegua per tutto l’anno. May happiness follow you throughout the year.
20 Auguri per un compleanno fantastico! Wishes for a fantastic birthday!
21 Che questo giorno sia splendido come te. May this day be as splendid as you are.
22 Tanti auguri per un anno pieno di avventure. Best wishes for a year full of adventures.
23 Gioia, amore e felicità nel giorno del tuo compleanno. Joy, love, and happiness on your birthday.
24 Un altro anno di successo ti attende. Another year of success awaits you.
25 Esprimi un desiderio! Make a wish!



In short, there are many ways to say happy birthday in Italian. Knowing these phrases helps you connect better in Italian settings, whether just being polite or genuinely expressing heartfelt wishes. Each phrase lets you participate meaningfully in the celebration. Whether you choose a simple ‘Buon Compleanno’ or something more elaborate, it matters that you show appreciation for their culture.

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