125 German Slang Words And Phrases For Everyday Conversations

Exploring German slang isn’t just about learning new words; it’s vital to understanding the culture. When you use the everyday language that locals speak, you bridge the gap between formal textbook German and the natural, lively language of the streets.

This makes your conversations flow better and feel more natural. Plus, when you get the hang of slang, you show that you speak the language and value and respect the culture it comes from.

125 German Slang Words and Phrases

125 German Slang Words and Phrases

German Slang English Translation
Alter! Dude!
Auf jeden Fall Definitely
Bock haben To be up for something
Chillen To chill/relax
Krass Awesome/cool/crazy
Geil Cool/awesome/hot
Hammer Amazing
Abhängen To hang out
Abkacken To fail miserably
Quatsch Nonsense
Saftladen Dump/terrible place
Voll Totally/completely
Zocken To play video games
Bescheuert Crazy/stupid
Kohle Money
Miese Bad/awful
Glotze TV
Pleite Broke
Sack Jerk
Besoffen Drunk
Verarschen To mess with someone
Kumpel Buddy
Alter Schwede Holy cow!
Schnauze Mouth/snout
Tussi Bimbo
Mega Very/extremely
Spitze Great
Schweinegeil Super cool
Mucke Music
Kiffen To smoke weed
Bulle Cop
Labern To chat/rant
Penner Bum/homeless person
Spasti Moron/idiot
Zoff Trouble
Drückeberger Slacker
Latschen To walk/saunter
Brötchen Rolls
Fresskoma Food coma
Heftig Intense
Knaller Banger
Klugscheißer Smartass
Nörgeln To whine/nag
Puff Brothel
Sau Sow (insult)
Schlitzohr Rascal
Spacko Fool
Strunze Show-off
Trottel Idiot
Tütenhusten Cough from smoking weed
Versifft Grimy
Verknallt Infatuated
Wattebausch Cotton ball (soft person)
Abklatschen To high-five
Affig Silly
Asi Trashy
Backpfeifengesicht Face in need of a punch
Bedeppert Foolish
Blagen Kids (negative connotation)
Blöde Ziege Silly goat
Brettern To speed
Dösig Drowsy
Drecksack Dirtbag
Dussel Clumsy person
Eitel Tüdelü All fluff
Ekelhaft Disgusting
Feixen To smirk
Fix und fertig Completely exhausted
Flitzenpiepe Crazy person
Fopperei Practical joke
Gedöns Stuff
Gekniffen Chicken
Gelaber Gibberish
Gestört Disturbed
Hacke dicht Hammered
Haffern To snicker
Hampelmann Clown
Hauen To hit
Honk Idiot
Knutschen To smooch
Kokolores Nonsense
Krachen lassen To party hard
Krawall Commotion
Krimskrams Odds and ends
Lästermaul Gossip
Macke Quirk
Motzen To complain
Muckibude Gym
Muffelig Grumpy
Mumpitz Baloney
Naseweis Smart aleck
Nervig Annoying
Pfuscher Bungler
Piepen Money
Plappermaul Blabbermouth
Pöbeln To bicker
Prügel Beating
Quasseln To babble
Quatschkopf Blabbermouth
Querkopf Contrarian
Quetschen To squeeze
Ranzig Rancid
Reibach Profit
Reißaus nehmen To flee
Rotzfrech Bratty
Saufkopf Boozer
Schnorrer Moocher
Schwafeln To drivel
Schwamm drüber Forget about it
Schnösel Prig
Schnuppen To sniff
Schussel Scatterbrain
Schwerenöter Lady’s man
Schwung Momentum
Simpel Simpleton
Stulle Sandwich
Stuss Rubbish
Tacheles reden To talk straight
Tattergreis Old geezer
Trödel Junk
Übergeschnappt Nuts
Umhauen To knock out
Unfug Mischief
Verpeilt Spaced out
Wahnsinn Insane
Warmduscher Wimpy
Wichtigtuer Busybody
Wurschtigkeit Nonchalance
Zackig Snappy
Zappelig Fidgety
Zerstreut Distracted
Zipfelklatscher Fool
Zoffen To bicker
Zocken To gamble
Zuckerbrot und Peitsche Carrot and stick
Zündstoff Explosive material
Zwitschern To tweet (bird)
Zwiegespalten Torn


In conclusion, learning German slang is useful. It helps with language skills, gives you a real feel for the culture, and helps you connect better with people. When you use everyday expressions, you start to speak like a local and understand the subtleties of German. This makes social situations more straightforward to navigate and enhances your cultural experience. Plus, using slang makes learning German more fun and exciting, motivating you to keep improving.

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