40 Best German Dog Commands To Teach Your Dog Fast

German dog commands are popular with dog trainers and owners because they are clear and straightforward, helping dogs understand and respond quickly. This method does more than just give orders; it also helps keep your dog’s brain sharp. Also, German commands are short, making them easy to understand, which means less confusion at important times.

Importance of Teaching German Dog Commands

Using German dog commands can make training more effective and help you communicate clearly with your dog. These commands are unique and help keep your dog focused.

When you use a language your dog doesn’t hear daily, it’s easier for them to tell the difference between casual speech and training commands. This can be especially useful in dangerous situations where you need precise control. Also, training in German challenges your dog’s brain, helping them learn better and respond quickly.

40 Best German Dog Commands to Teach Your Dog Fast

Basic Commands:

Basic Commands For Dog

No. German Command English Translation
1 Sitz Sit
2 Platz Down
3 Bleib Stay
4 Hier Come
5 Fuß Heel
6 Gib Give
7 Nein No
8 Aus Leave it
9 Bring Fetch
10 Bei Fuß Heel
11 Steh Stand
12 Warte Wait
13 Fass Take it
14 Halt Stop
15 Gehen Let’s go
16 Hinlegen Lie down
17 Ruhig Quiet

Creative Commands:

Creative Commands for Dogs

No. German Command English Translation
18 Rolle Roll over
19 Pfötchen Paw
20 Küsschen Kiss
21 Spielen Play
22 Brav Good
23 Schlecht Bad
24 Tanz Dance
25 Hüpf Jump
26 Kreis Circle
27 Links Left
28 Rechts Right
29 Vor Forward
30 Zurück Back
31 Fertig Done
32 Belohnung Reward
33 Leise Quiet
34 Zeig Show

Police Dog Training Commands:

Police Dog Training Commands for Dogs

No. German Command English Translation
35 Such Search
36 Fang Catch
37 Hopp Jump
38 Lauf Run
39 Leckerchen Treat
40 Wachhund Guard


In short, using German commands in dog training makes communication clearer and more direct. It also makes the training more engaging for the dog. This method improves the dog’s behaviour and strengthens the bond between the dog and the trainer. Trainers should use these commands regularly to ensure their dogs are well-trained and responsive in different situations. Ultimately, teaching your dog German commands improves training and strengthens the bond you share with your pet.

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