List Of Bird Names In Spanish – Your Ultimate Guide

Diving into the world of Spanish bird names is interesting. It shows us how language and nature mix in Spanish-speaking countries. The word ‘ave’ is used for any bird, and ‘pájaro’ is used for the smaller ones that fly. These words tell us about the birds and how people see them.

Comprehensive List of Spanish Bird Names

Very Common Birds in Spanish

Very Common Birds in Spanish

English Name Spanish Name
Sparrow Gorrión
Robin Petirrojo
Blackbird Mirlo
Pigeon Paloma
Starling Estornino
House Finch Pinzón doméstico
Crow Cuervo
Mallard Duck Pato de collar
Swallow Golondrina
Woodpecker Pájaro carpintero

Migratory Birds in Spanish

Migratory Birds in Spanish

English Name Spanish Name
Arctic Tern Charrán ártico
Swainson’s Hawk Gavilán de Swainson
Canadian Goose Ganso canadiense
Barn Swallow Golondrina común
Sandpiper Correlimos
Red Knot Playero rojizo
Willow Warbler Mosquitero musical
Osprey Águila pescadora
Black-tailed Godwit Aguja colinegra
American Golden Plover Chorlito dorado americano

Wild/Exotic Birds in Spanish

WildExotic Birds in Spanish

English Name Spanish Name
Flamingo Flamenco
Toucan Tucán
Scarlet Macaw Guacamayo escarlata
Emperor Penguin Pingüino emperador
Snowy Owl Búho nival
Blue-footed Booby Piquero de patas azules
Kingfisher Martín pescador
Peacock Pavo real
Harpy Eagle Águila arpía
Hoatzin Hoacín


In conclusion, the study of Spanish bird names not only enriches our understanding of the diverse bird species and cultures in Spanish-speaking regions and plays a significant role in preserving languages and environmental knowledge. Discussing these names can add a new dimension to birdwatching, fostering a deeper connection with the natural world and its rich cultural heritage.

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