20 Ways To Say “My Name Is” & Ask Someone’s Name In German

Introducing yourself in German is critical to making good connections. Knowing how to introduce yourself is crucial whether you’re there for fun, school, or work. It helps create a friendly vibe immediately and shows you respect for the local ways. Plus, it shows you’re eager to fit in and learn more about the people and their culture. Using the right words and saying them well can impress others and help you make new friends.

How to Say “My Name Is” in German?

How to Say “My Name Is” in German

German English Translation
Ich heiße… My name is…
Mein Name ist… My name is…
Ich bin… I am…
Man nennt mich… I’m called…
Ich stelle mich vor: Ich bin… Let me introduce myself: I am…
Sie können mich … nennen You can call me…
Ich werde … genannt I am called…
Mein Vorname ist… My first name is…
Ich trage den Namen… I bear the name…
Nennen Sie mich… Call me…

How to Ask Someone’s Name in German?

How to Ask Someone's Name in German

German English Translation
Wie heißen Sie? What’s your name? (formal)
Wie heißt du? What’s your name? (informal)
Wie ist Ihr Name? What is your name? (formal)
Wie ist dein Name? What is your name? (informal)
Wer sind Sie? Who are you? (formal)
Wer bist du? Who are you? (informal)
Darf ich nach Ihrem Namen fragen? May I ask your name? (formal)
Wie möchten Sie genannt werden? How would you like to be called? (formal)
Wie soll ich dich nennen? What should I call you? (informal)
Wie kann ich Sie ansprechen? How may I address you? (formal)


In short, learning how to introduce yourself and ask for someone’s name in German is key to good communication and fitting in with the culture. Knowing these phrases ensures that conversations start correctly, whether in a casual chat or a formal meeting. As people studying German pick up these phrases, they better connect with others. This helps them really get to know and enjoy the German-speaking world.

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