Discover 80+ Spanish Fruits: A Complete Guide

Embarking on a journey through the world of Spanish fruits is like opening a treasure chest of flavours, textures, and stories. Each fruit, from the tangy citrus to the lush tropicals, showcases Spanish-speaking areas’ rich farming traditions and biodiversity.

These fruits do more than taste good. They’re part of the culture, celebrated in festivals and featured in age-old recipes handed down through families. Exploring these fruits not only treats your taste buds but also gives you a glimpse into the lives and traditions of the people.

Spanish Fruit Vocabulary

In this part of our Spanish Fruits Guide, we’re diving into the wide array of fruits found in Spanish-speaking areas, from everyday picks to more unusual ones.

# English Name Spanish Name
1 Apple Manzana
2 Pear Pera
3 Peach Melocotón
4 Plum Ciruela
5 Cherry Cereza
6 Apricot Albaricoque
7 Grape Uva
8 Fig Higo
9 Orange Naranja
10 Lemon Limón
11 Mandarin Mandarina
12 Lime Lima
13 Grapefruit Pomelo
14 Strawberry Fresa
15 Raspberry Frambuesa
16 Blueberry Arándano
17 Blackberry Mora
18 Watermelon Sandía
19 Melon Melón
20 Banana Plátano
21 Kiwi Kiwi
22 Pomegranate Granada
23 Persimmon Caqui
24 Loquat Níspero
25 Medlar Níspero Europeo
26 Quince Membrillo
27 Almond Almendra
28 Walnut Nuez
29 Chestnut Castaña
30 Avocado Aguacate
31 Mango Mango
32 Papaya Papaya
33 Custard apple Chirimoya
34 Guava Guayaba
35 Lychee Lichi
36 Passion fruit Maracuyá
37 Dragon fruit Pitahaya
38 Date Dátil
39 Coconut Coco
40 Kumquat Kumquat
41 Bergamot Bergamota
42 Clementine Clementina
43 Blood orange Naranja sanguina
44 Seville orange Naranja amarga
45 Tangelo Tangelo
46 Gooseberry Grosella
47 Currant Grosella negra
48 Elderberry Saúco
49 Nectarine Nectarina
50 Mirabelle Mirabel
51 Gage Claudia
52 Damson Endrina
53 Prickly pear Higo chumbo
54 Jujube Aznar
55 Pineapple guava Feijoa
56 Tamarind Tamarindo
57 Star fruit Carambola
58 Jackfruit Yaca
59 Soursop Guanábana
60 Raisin Pasa
61 Dried apricot Albaricoque seco
62 Dried plum Ciruela pasa
63 Dried fig Higo seco
64 Olive Aceituna
65 Capers Alcaparras
66 Barbary fig Higo barbaro
67 Sorb Serbal
68 Rowan Serbal de los cazadores
69 Hackberry Almez
70 Cornelian cherry Cerezo cornalina
71 Mulberry Mora de árbol
72 Hawthorn Espino
73 Rose hip Escaramujo
74 Sea buckthorn Espino cerval de mar
75 Whitebeam Serbal blanco
76 Strawberry tree fruit Madroño
77 Black mulberry Mora negra
78 Red mulberry Mora roja
79 Canary Islands Banana Plátano de Canarias
80 Valencian Orange Naranja Valenciana
81 Vinalopó Grape Uva de Vinalopó
82 Jerte Cherry Cereza del Jerte
83 Calanda Peach Melocotón de Calanda


To sum it up, exploring over eighty Spanish fruits opens up a world of language and culture. This guide does more than just add words to your vocabulary; it helps you understand how vital these fruits are in Spanish kitchens and cultures. From everyday fruits to rare ones, they all shape how food tastes in Spanish-speaking places. It’s a great way to see how flavours make these cultures pop.

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