How To Express ‘I Don’t Know’ And ‘I Don’t Understand’ In Spanish

Communicating well in a foreign language like Spanish is tough, especially when you need to say you don’t know something or are unsure. It’s essential because it helps keep conversations clear and builds trust. Admitting you don’t know everything doesn’t just keep misunderstandings at bay; it also opens up chances to learn more.

Plus, it shows you get the cultural vibes and respect the subtleties of the language. Using the correct phrases to show you’re unsure or don’t know can smooth out talks, making them more meaningful and connective. This skill makes conversations richer and shows you care about the exchange.

10 Different Ways to Express “I Don’t Know” in Spanish

Exploring different ways to say ‘I don’t know’ in Spanish can help you when you’re talking to others and want to understand more about the culture. Spanish has a bunch of phrases you can use when you’re unsure about something.

No. Spanish Phrase English Translation
1 No lo sé I don’t know
2 No sé I don’t know
3 No tengo idea I have no idea
4 No estoy seguro/a I’m not sure
5 No tengo ni idea I haven’t the slightest idea
6 Ni idea No idea
7 No lo tengo claro I’m not clear on that
8 No estoy seguro/a de eso I’m not sure about that
9 Quién sabe Who knows
10 No me acuerdo I don’t remember

8 Different Ways to Express “I Don’t Understand” in Spanish

It’s just as crucial to let someone know when you don’t understand something in Spanish as it is to say you don’t know something. You can simply use phrases like ‘No entiendo’ which means ‘I don’t understand’ or ‘No comprendo’ for ‘I don’t comprehend’. If you need to be more specific, you might say ‘No lo entiendo’ when you don’t understand something in particular, or ‘No te entiendo’ when you’re talking directly to someone.

No. Spanish Phrase English Translation
1 No entiendo I don’t understand
2 No comprendo I don’t understand
3 No lo entiendo I don’t understand it
4 No lo comprendo I don’t understand it
5 No capto I don’t get it
6 No pillo I don’t catch it
7 No me queda claro It’s not clear to me
8 No entiendo nada I don’t understand anything


To sum it up, knowing how to express ‘I don’t know’ and ‘I don’t understand’ in Spanish is key. It helps a lot when you’re talking to Spanish speakers. Understanding these phrases makes a big difference, whether in a casual chat or a formal setting. You’ll be able to clear up confusion and build stronger relationships. Plus, it’s excellent for both personal and work life.

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