How To Say Goodbye In Spanish: 65+ Formal, Funny & New Ways

Saying goodbye in Spanish is more than just saying ‘Adiós.’ There are over 65 ways to do it, each with its vibe. You can be formal with ‘Le saludo atentamente’ or laid-back with ‘Nos vemos.’ Knowing these different phrases does more than just expand your vocabulary. It helps you connect better with Spanish-speaking people and gives insight into their culture.

So, let’s dive into these expressions. They’re not just about the words; they tell us how Spanish speakers interact and what they value. Understanding and using them can make your conversations richer and more authentic.

The Importance of Learning How to Say Goodbye in Spanish

Knowing how to say goodbye in Spanish is crucial if you want to improve your knowledge of the language and understand its culture. Saying goodbye isn’t just about being polite; it shows respect and care for the people you’re talking to, whether in a casual or work setting.

Over 65 Expressions to Say Goodbye in Spanish

Say Goodbye in Spanish

When we consider the many ways to say goodbye in Spanish, it’s useful to divide them into three groups: formal goodbyes, informal and slang goodbyes, and unique or funny goodbyes. Each type fits different situations and shows different levels of closeness and respect between people.

Type Phrase Meaning
Formal Ways to Say Goodbye Adiós Goodbye
Hasta luego See you later
Hasta mañana See you tomorrow
Hasta la próxima Until next time
Hasta pronto See you soon
Hasta la vista Until we meet again
Que tenga un buen día Have a good day
Que le vaya bien Hope things go well for you
Nos vemos We’ll see each other
Hasta la próxima semana See you next week
Hasta el lunes (martes, etc.) See you on Monday (Tuesday, etc.)
Hasta el próximo lunes (martes, etc.) See you next Monday (Tuesday, etc.)
Cuídese Take care (formal)
Con permiso Excuse me (as you leave)
Me retiro I’m taking my leave
Que pase una buena noche Have a good night
Casual Ways to Say Goodbye Chao Bye
Nos vemos luego See you later
Nos vemos mañana See you tomorrow
Cuídate Take care (informal)
Hasta ahora See you in a bit
Hasta la otra Until the next time
Hasta siempre Goodbye forever
Me voy I’m leaving
Te veo See you
Nos vemos pronto See you soon
Nos vemos al rato See you in a while
Nos vemos después See you later
Nos vemos a la salida See you at the exit
Me largo I’m out (informal)
Nos vidrios See you (slang)
Funny and Creative Ways to Say Goodbye Me piro vampiro I’m out of here (literally, “I’m out, vampire”)
Ahí te ves See you around
Hasta la pasta Until the pasta (playful)
Hasta la pizza Until the pizza (playful)
Hasta luego cocodrilo See you later, alligator (translated)
Chaito Little bye (diminutive of chao)
Nos olemos See you (literally, “we’ll smell each other”)
Abur Bye (colloquial, used in Spain)
Me desaparezco I’m disappearing
Nos huimos We’ll flee
Sayonara Goodbye (borrowed from Japanese)
Me esfumo I’m vanishing
Me piro I’m off (informal)
Hasta la bye bye Until the bye bye
Adiós, adiós, adiós Bye, bye, bye (repeated for emphasis)
Regional Variants Aloha Goodbye (borrowed from Hawaiian, used informally)
Vaya con Dios Go with God (used in some Latin American countries)
Adiósito Little goodbye (diminutive, used in some Latin American countries)
Bendiciones Blessings (used in some Latin American countries)
Nos vemos en el camino See you on the road (used in some regions)
Ahí nos vidrios See you around (Mexican slang)
Bye Bye (borrowed from English, commonly used)
Ciao Bye (borrowed from Italian, widely used in Argentina and other countries)
Se cuida Take care (informal, used in some regions)
Pórtate bien Behave yourself (informal, friendly)
Nos encontramos We’ll meet
Nos vemos en la próxima See you next time
Nos vemos en la otra vida See you in the next life (humorous)
Modern and Trendy Ways to Say Goodbye Nos tuitteamos See you on Twitter (informal, modern)
Nos whatsappeamos See you on WhatsApp (informal, modern)
Nos texteamos See you via text (informal, modern)
Nos skypamos See you on Skype (informal, modern)
Hasta nunca See you never (humorous)
Nos vemos en la nube See you in the cloud (modern, tech-related)
Hasta el infinito y más allá To infinity and beyond (borrowed from Buzz Lightyear)
Desconectando Logging off (modern, tech-related)
Hasta el próximo chat Until the next chat
Nos blogueamos See you on the blog
Nos vemos en línea See you online
Hasta el próximo zoom Until the next Zoom call


Learning different ways to say goodbye in Spanish does more than just improve your language skills. It also helps you connect with the culture. Whether a formal goodbye in a business meeting or a funny one with friends, each phrase has its cultural value. By using a variety of farewells, you show respect and build understanding among Spanish speakers. This makes each goodbye more than just a word; it becomes a meaningful cultural exchange.

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