Discover 200+ Animal Names In Spanish : Ultimate Guide

Animals in Spanish help not only those learning the language but also anyone who wants to understand more about other cultures. It lists names of animals, from pets to wild creatures, offering more than just words. It gives us a peek into the lives of Spanish-speaking people. What can we learn about how language, culture, and our views on animals are all connected?

Whether it’s household pets or wild animals, the terms used reveal a lot about what these creatures mean to people in Spanish-speaking areas. Knowing these names helps you get a real feel for everyday life, popular tales, and even ancient myths in these communities.

Discover 200+ Popular Animal Names in Spanish

Discovering over 200 popular animal names in Spanish gives you a deep dive into the world of domestic, farm, and wild animals, from those roaming the jungle to creatures swimming in the seas. Knowing these names does more than just build your vocabulary. It also gives you a peek into the culture, especially because animal expressions are common in Spanish-speaking areas. Each type of animal introduces its own set of words and challenges, making this a key part of learning Spanish.

Domestic Animals

Dog Domestic Animal

Learning the names of domestic animals in Spanish can really boost your language skills. Here is a list of domestic animal names in Spanish:

Spanish English
Perro Dog
Gato Cat
Caballo Horse
Vaca Cow
Oveja Sheep
Cerdo Pig
Cabra Goat
Conejo Rabbit
Gallina Hen
Gallo Rooster
Pato Duck
Ganso Goose
Pavo Turkey
Burro Donkey
Llama Llama
Hámster Hamster
Cuy Guinea pig
Canario Canary
Paloma Pigeon
Pez (de acuario) Fish (aquarium)
Tortuga (de tierra) Tortoise
Hurón Ferret
Chinchilla Chinchilla
Periquito Parakeet
Lorito Parrot
Ratón Mouse
Rata Rat
Cacatúa Cockatoo
Iguana Iguana
Erizo Hedgehog
Serpiente (doméstica) Snake (pet)
Araña (doméstica) Spider (pet)
Pollo Chicken
Mula Mule
Yegua Mare
Toro Bull
Cordero Lamb
Ternero Calf
Lechón Piglet
Cabrito Kid (goat)
Camello Camel
Alpaca Alpaca
Conejillo de Indias Guinea pig (another term)
Poni Pony
Papagayo Macaw
Dromedario Dromedary
Loro Parrot (another term)
Cisne Swan
Codorniz Quail
Faisán Pheasant

Farm Animals

Cow Farm Animals

Exploring farm animals, you’ll find over 100 animal names in Spanish. Knowing these names helps in everyday chats and gives you a taste of Spanish culture.

# Spanish English
1 Vaca Cow
2 Toro Bull
3 Ternero Calf
4 Cerdo Pig
5 Lechón Piglet
6 Oveja Sheep
7 Cordero Lamb
8 Cabra Goat
9 Cabrito Kid (young goat)
10 Carnero Ram
11 Pollo Chicken
12 Gallina Hen
13 Gallo Rooster
14 Pavo Turkey
15 Pava Turkey (female)
16 Pavo joven Poult
17 Pato Duck
18 Pata Duck (female)
19 Pato joven Duckling
20 Ganso Goose
21 Gansa Goose (female)
22 Gansito Gosling
23 Burro Donkey
24 Mula Mule
25 Caballo Horse
26 Yegua Mare
27 Potro Foal
28 Toro bravo Bull (fighting)
29 Buey Ox
30 Conejo Rabbit
31 Conejito Bunny
32 Coneja Doe (female rabbit)
33 Paloma Pigeon
34 Palomo Pigeon (male)
35 Codorniz Quail
36 Faisán Pheasant
37 Codorniz Quail
38 Pavo real Peacock
39 Pava real Peahen
40 Llama Llama
41 Alpaca Alpaca
42 Camello Camel
43 Dromedario Dromedary
44 Perro pastor Shepherd dog
45 Perro guardián Guard dog
46 Gato de granero Barn cat
47 Hámster Hamster
48 Cobaya Guinea pig
49 Caballo de tiro Draft horse
50 Pony Pony
51 Canario Canary
52 Loro Parrot
53 Periquito Parakeet
54 Hurón Ferret
55 Chinchilla Chinchilla
56 Pavo real Peafowl
57 Emú Emu
58 Avestruz Ostrich
59 Codorniz japonesa Japanese quail
60 Gallo de Guinea Guinea fowl
61 Ñandú Rhea
62 Búfalo Buffalo
63 Búfalo de agua Water buffalo
64 Cacatúa Cockatoo
65 Perro salchicha Dachshund
66 Perro san bernardo Saint Bernard
67 Pichón Squab (young pigeon)
68 Pez dorado Goldfish
69 Pez de acuario Aquarium fish
70 Abeja Bee

Wild Animals (such as jungle, forest, mountain, river, and sea animals)

Lion Wild Animals

When you explore the world of wild animals, you’ll find more than 100+ animal names in Spanish. These names cover species from different places like jungles, forests, mountains, rivers, and seas. These names aren’t just words; they help you learn Spanish and connect you with nature’s diverse homes.

# Spanish English
1 León Lion
2 Tigre Tiger
3 Elefante Elephant
4 Jirafa Giraffe
5 Cebra Zebra
6 Hipopótamo Hippopotamus
7 Rinoceronte Rhinoceros
8 Búfalo Buffalo
9 Lobo Wolf
10 Oso Bear
11 Zorro Fox
12 Mapache Raccoon
13 Ciervo Deer
14 Alce Moose
15 Caribú Caribou
16 Jabalí Wild boar
17 Lince Lynx
18 Puma Cougar
19 Jaguar Jaguar
20 Leopardo Leopard
21 Guepardo Cheetah
22 Pantera Panther
23 Gorila Gorilla
24 Chimpancé Chimpanzee
25 Orangután Orangutan
26 Gibón Gibbon
27 Lemur Lemur
28 Capibara Capybara
29 Nutria Otter
30 Morsa Walrus
31 Foca Seal
32 Ballena Whale
33 Delfín Dolphin
34 Tiburón Shark
35 Rayo Ray
36 Pez espada Swordfish
37 Atún Tuna
38 Marlin Marlin
39 Piraña Piranha
40 Manatí Manatee
41 Cocodrilo Crocodile
42 Caimán Caiman
43 Iguana Iguana
44 Camaleón Chameleon
45 Salamandra Salamander
46 Rana toro Bullfrog
47 Serpiente de cascabel Rattlesnake
48 Anaconda Anaconda
49 Boa constrictor Boa constrictor
50 Pitón Python
51 Águila Eagle
52 Halcón Falcon
53 Buitre Vulture
54 Lechuza Owl
55 Cóndor Condor
56 Loro Parrot
57 Tucán Toucan
58 Flamenco Flamingo
59 Cisne Swan
60 Pelícano Pelican
61 Pingüino Penguin
62 Albatros Albatross
63 Gaviota Seagull
64 Murciélago Bat
65 Armadillo Armadillo
66 Zarigüeya Opossum
67 Puercoespín Porcupine
68 Erizo Hedgehog
69 Topo Mole
70 Camello Camel
71 Dromedario Dromedary
72 Bisonte Bison
73 Ñu Wildebeest
74 Gacela Gazelle
75 Impala Impala
76 Kudú Kudu
77 Eland Eland
78 Hiena Hyena
79 Mangosta Mongoose
80 Suricata Meerkat
81 Comadreja Weasel
82 Hurón Ferret (wild type)
83 Marmota Marmot
84 Ardilla Squirrel
85 Castor Beaver
86 Ratón Mouse
87 Rata Rat
88 Ratón de campo Field mouse
89 Zorrillo Skunk
90 Tejón Badger
91 Ocelote Ocelot
92 Margay Margay
93 Serval Serval
94 Lince rojo Bobcat
95 Lince canadiense Canadian lynx
96 Lince ibérico Iberian lynx
97 Lince euroasiático Eurasian lynx
98 Mono Monkey
99 Babuino Baboon
100 Mandril Mandrill


In conclusion, learning animal names in Spanish does more than expand your vocabulary; it connects you deeper with the culture and improves your ability to communicate. Knowing these words helps you chat better with native speakers and understand local expressions about animals. We also discussed some fun ways to practice, such as visiting zoos or aquariums and using Spanish media.

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