28 Classic Ways To Say Goodbye In German

Learning how to say goodbye in German isn’t just about words. It’s about connecting with the culture. As we go through these 28 classic ways to say goodbye, you’ll see how each fits a specific situation. This isn’t just about expanding your vocabulary. It’s about understanding the deeper values and norms of the culture. Knowing these phrases is crucial for everyday conversations.

28 Classic Ways to Say Goodbye in German

_Classic Ways To Say Goodbye In German

German Phrase English Translation
Auf Wiedersehen Goodbye (formal)
Tschüss Bye (informal)
Bis bald See you soon
Bis später See you later
Ciao Bye (borrowed from Italian)
Mach’s gut Take care
Bis dann Until then
Auf Wiederhören Goodbye (on the phone)
Adieu Farewell (formal)
Servus Bye (Southern German/Austrian)
Tschau Bye (informal variant of Ciao)
Leb wohl Farewell (very formal)
Bis zum nächsten Mal Until next time
Schönen Tag noch Have a nice day
Gute Nacht Good night
Ich muss los I have to go
Man sieht sich See you around
Bis morgen See you tomorrow
Schönes Wochenende Have a nice weekend
Wir sehen uns We’ll see each other
Pass auf dich auf Take care of yourself
Alles Gute All the best
Machs gut Take care (informal)
Bis gleich See you in a moment
Pfiat di Goodbye (Bavarian dialect)
Ade Bye (Southern German)
Schönen Abend noch Have a nice evening
Tschüssikowski Bye-bye (playful)


To wrap up, the variety of ways to say goodbye in German enriches how people talk to each other. It also reflects the unique culture and social settings of the language. Knowing these phrases well can improve your conversations, whether they’re casual or formal. You’ll connect better with German speakers as you start using these goodbyes. It shows you respect and understands their culture, which is essential in everyday interactions.

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