How To Say I Love You In French: 25 Different Ways

In French, the way you say ‘I love you’ changes a lot based on who you’re talking to and the situation. For someone you’re in love with, you might say, ‘Tu es l’amour de ma vie,’ which means, ‘You are the love of my life.’ It’s a really strong way to show your feelings. Here is the list of 25 different ways of saying I love you in French:

25 Different Ways to Say I Love You in French

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 I Love You In French

Je t’aime


I love you

2 Je t’adore I adore you
3 Tu es l’amour de ma vie You are the love of my life
4 Je suis fou de toi I am crazy about you
5 Je t’aime à la folie I love you madly
6 Je t’aime de tout mon cœur I love you with all my heart
7 Je t’aime plus qu’hier moins que demain I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow
8 Mon amour pour toi est éternel My love for you is eternal
9 Tu es mon âme sœur You are my soulmate
10 Je suis éperdument amoureux de toi I am deeply in love with you
11 Tu me rends fou You drive me crazy
12 Tu es mon tout You are my everything
13 Mon cœur t’appartient My heart belongs to you
14 Je t’aime passionnément I love you passionately
15 Tu es la raison de mon bonheur You are the reason for my happiness
16 Je t’aime à l’infini I love you infinitely
17 Tu es le trésor de ma vie You are the treasure of my life
18 Mon amour pour toi ne cesse de grandir My love for you keeps growing
19 Je t’aime plus que tout au monde I love you more than anything in the world
20 Je suis tombé amoureux de toi I have fallen in love with you
21 Je t’aimerai toujours I will always love you
22 Tu es ma raison de vivre You are my reason to live
23 Mon affection pour toi est sans limites My affection for you is limitless
24 Je suis dingue de toi I’m crazy about you
25 Ton amour me nourrit Your love nourishes me


Learning to say ‘I love you’ in French does more than just improve your language skills. It helps you express your feelings deeply in a culture known for its romance. We’ve looked at different ways to say it, from the simple ‘Je t’aime’ to the more expressive ‘Tu es l’amour de ma vie.’ These phrases help you navigate the romantic side of French.

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