25 Classic Ways To Say ‘Good Morning’ In French

Knowing how to greet someone in French is important. It helps you get along with French speakers in both work and social situations. Getting a handle on these greetings isn’t just about knowing the right words for different times of the day; it’s also about understanding how much these simple phrases matter in building relationships. This basic knowledge is a great starting point before exploring all the different ways to say things like ‘Good Morning’ throughout the day.

25 Classic Ways to Say Good Morning in French

Starting your day with a simple ‘Bonjour’ is not just polite; it shows you recognize and appreciate the people around you. This greeting works everywhere French is spoken. It’s straightforward yet elegant.

No. French Greeting
1 Bonjour
2 Salut
3 Bon matin
4 Bonjour tout le monde
5 Bonjour à tous
6 Bonne journée
7 Bon réveil
8 Bon début de journée
9 Bonjour les amis
10 Bonjour, comment ça va ?
11 Coucou
12 Salut les copains
13 Salut, prêt pour la journée ?
14 Bonjour à toi
15 Bonjour, je te souhaite une belle journée
16 Bonjour, passe une journée formidable
17 Bonjour, il fait beau aujourd’hui !
18 Bonjour, j’espère que tu as bien dormi
19 Salutations du matin
20 Bien le bonjour
21 Salut, prêt pour une nouvelle journée ?
22 Bonjour, j’espère que tu passes une bonne journée
23 Salut, bon réveil !
24 Bonjour à chacun d’entre vous
25 Bonjour, que la journée soit belle et lumineuse !



In short, knowing how to say ‘Good Morning’ in French is more than just words; it’s a way to show respect for French culture and manners. When you use these greetings, you communicate better and show you understand their culture, which helps in both social and professional settings. Being good at this improves your relationships and gives you an advantage in jobs where knowing different cultures is essential.

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