35 Encouraging Ways To Say Good Luck In French

Learning to say ‘good luck’ in French boosts your language skills and shows you understand the culture. French isn’t just about words; it’s about the right words for the right moments. There are many ways to wish someone well, more than just a simple ‘good luck.’ Getting these right can make you gel better with French speakers. They see you’re trying not just to speak but to understand and fit in. It’s not just polite; it’s brilliant.

35 Encouraging Ways to Say Good Luck in French

Learning to say ‘good luck’ in French is more than just essential communication; it helps you connect with French culture. The simplest way to wish someone luck is to say ‘Bonne chance.’ If you want to show more feeling, you can use phrases like ‘Je croise les doigots’ which means ‘I’m crossing my fingers,’ and ‘Je touche du bois,’ or ‘I touch wood.’ These expressions show you care and understand French culture.

Number French Expression English Translation
1 Bonne chance! Good luck!
2 Je te souhaite bonne chance. I wish you good luck.
3 Fais de ton mieux! Do your best!
4 Tu vas y arriver! You’re going to make it!
5 Je crois en toi. I believe in you.
6 Allez! Go for it!
7 Que la chance soit avec toi. May luck be with you.
8 Tout ira bien. Everything will be fine.
9 Tu es capable! You are capable!
10 Je suis sûr que tu réussiras. I’m sure you’ll succeed.
11 Bonne continuation. All the best.
12 Crois en toi. Believe in yourself.
13 Je te soutiens. I support you.
14 Vas-y! Go ahead!
15 Que le succès soit avec toi. May success be with you.
16 Tu vas tout déchirer! You’re going to crush it!
17 Je te souhaite plein de succès. I wish you lots of success.
18 Que tout se passe bien! May everything go well!
19 Bon courage! Good luck (Stay strong)!
20 Tu peux le faire! You can do it!
21 Je suis avec toi. I’m with you.
22 Tu vas réussir! You’re going to succeed!
23 Je te souhaite de réussir. I wish you success.
24 Vas-y à fond! Give it your all!
25 Que tout se passe comme prévu. May everything go as planned.
26 Bonne réussite! Good success!
27 Que la force soit avec toi. May the force be with you.
28 Je te souhaite plein de réussite. I wish you lots of success.
29 Ne t’inquiète pas, tu vas y arriver. Don’t worry, you’re going to make it.
30 Tu es le meilleur! You are the best!
31 Bon vent! Good luck (Good wind)!
32 Je te souhaite de tout cœur. I wish you with all my heart.
33 Que le meilleur t’arrive. May the best happen to you.
34 Plein de succès pour toi! Lots of success to you!
35 Que ton chemin soit plein de succès. May your path be full of success.


In short, learning different ways to say good luck in French helps with language skills and cultural understanding. Going through 35 phrases builds your vocabulary and enables you to connect better with French speakers. Using these phrases shows respect, cultural awareness, and a genuine interest in building strong relationships. These language skills are super helpful for anyone who wants to fit in and feel comfortable in French-speaking settings.

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