New York Slang: List Of 120+ Unique & Cool NYC Lingo Words

Diving into New York City’s slang gives us more than just local words; it shows us how the city changes and grows. Each slang term, from the busy streets of Manhattan to the varied neighbourhoods of Brooklyn, tells a story about the people and their history. New York City’s slang is a colourful mix of words that mirrors its diverse culture and history. It comes from the many groups that have made the city their home. Using this slang isn’t just casual talk; it shows you understand and value the local culture. It also helps connect people from different ages and backgrounds.

New York City Slang: Over 120 Slang Words to Speak Like a Native New Yorker

New York City

Exploring over 120 slang words from native New Yorkers can really help you get the feel of the city’s language. Each part of the city has its own special words.

Slang Meaning Example
A’ight Alright I’m feeling a’ight today.
Ace boon coon Best friend That’s my ace boon coon, we go way back.
Beef Conflict or disagreement I don’t have beef with anyone.
Benny Tourist The Bennys are flocking to Times Square.
Bird A person who’s annoying or unintelligent Don’t be a bird, listen up.
Blowing mine Annoying me That noise is blowing mine.
Boogie down The Bronx I’m from the boogie down Bronx.
Boozy Drunk She got real boozy last night.
Brek Breakfast Let’s grab some brek before work.
Brick Very cold It’s brick outside today.
Brolic Muscular or strong He’s been hitting the gym, looking brolic.
Buck 50 A cut on the face He got a buck 50 in that fight.
Bundles Large sums of money I’m trying to make bundles this year.
Burned Embarrassed or rejected He got burned by his crush.
Cake Money She’s got cake, always shopping.
Coney Coney Island We’re heading to Coney this weekend.
Cop To buy or get I’m about to cop some new kicks.
Crusty Dirty or unkempt He looked crusty after the game.
Deadass Seriously Deadass, I’m not joking.
Dime Attractive person She’s a dime, for sure.
Dope Cool or awesome That movie was dope.
Dough Money I need to make more dough.
Dub Twenty dollars or a loss I just lost a dub on that bet.
Dumb Very or extremely That’s dumb expensive.
Dunn Friend or homie What’s good, dunn?
Eighth An eighth of an ounce (usually drugs) I bought an eighth last night.
Facts True or correct Facts, that’s exactly what happened.
Fam Family or close friends What’s up, fam?
Fiend Addict or someone eager for something He’s a fiend for sneakers.
Finna Going to I’m finna head out soon.
Fire Excellent or amazing That song is fire.
Floss Show off He’s always trying to floss his new car.
Frontin’ Pretending or acting Stop frontin’ like you don’t care.
Fugazi Fake That watch is fugazi.
G Gangster or friend What’s up, G?
Gassed Excited or hyped He was gassed about the concert.
Grill To stare at someone aggressively Why are you grilling me?
Grimy Dirty or shady That’s a grimy neighborhood.
Guap Money I’m trying to stack some guap.
Gun Friend or homie What’s good, gun?
Gunny A firearm He’s got a gunny on him.
Hella Very or a lot That party was hella fun.
Herb A foolish person Stop being a herb.
High-key Obviously or openly I’m high-key excited for summer.
Hood Neighborhood I’m from the hood.
Hype Excited or overly excited Don’t believe the hype.
Ice Jewelry He’s always rocking ice.
Jakes Police Watch out, the jakes are coming.
Jawn Thing or person Pass me that jawn over there.
Joint A place or thing Let’s hit up that new joint.
Kicks Shoes I need some new kicks.
Knock To criticize or reject Don’t knock it till you try it.
L A loss We took an L last night.
Lit Exciting or fun The party was lit.
Low-key Subtly or secretly I low-key like that song.
Lurking Hanging around suspiciously He was lurking around the corner.
Mad Very or a lot That’s mad cool.
Merked Killed or beaten badly He got merked in the game.
Mo More I need mo money.
Money Currency or cash I’m all about the money.
Mope To sulk or be sad Stop moping around.
Moolah Money I need some moolah for the trip.
Nah No Nah, I’m good.
No cap Not lying No cap, that was the best movie ever.
No doubt Definitely or certainly No doubt, I’ll be there.
OD Overdoing it You’re OD with the questions.
Old head Older person Listen to the old head’s advice.
On God Swear or promise I’ll be there, on God.
On my mama Swear or promise I’m telling the truth, on my mama.
Ops Opponents or enemies Watch out for the ops.
Paper Money I need to stack some paper.
Pegged Identified or recognized He got pegged as the suspect.
Plug Supplier (usually drugs) I need to call my plug.
Pop To shoot He got popped last night.
Props Respect or recognition Give props where it’s due.
Rack Thousand dollars He spent a rack on that jacket.
Real talk Honestly Real talk, that was the best game ever.
Reckless Careless or dangerous He’s always driving reckless.
Run To leave quickly We had to run when the cops showed up.
Savage Aggressive or ruthless She’s a savage on the field.
Schemin’ Plotting or planning He’s always schemin’ something.
Schlep To carry or move awkwardly I had to schlep all those bags home.
Schmooze To chat or mingle He’s good at schmoozing at parties.
Shorty Girlfriend or young woman That’s my shorty over there.
Sick Cool or awesome That trick was sick.
Skeezy Shady or sleazy That place looks skeezy.
Skrrt To leave quickly We had to skrrt out of there.
Slaps Good music This song slaps.
Slime Friend or homie What’s good, slime?
Snitch Informant or betrayer Don’t be a snitch.
Son To disrespect or belittle Don’t try to son me.
Squad Group of friends Hanging with my squad tonight.
Stash To hide something I need to stash this money.
Steez Style or demeanor He’s got mad steez.
Stoop Steps of a building We were chilling on the stoop.
Sus Suspicious That guy looks sus.
Swag Style or confidence He’s got a lot of swag.
Thirsty Desperate or eager Stop being so thirsty.
Throw shade To insult or criticize She loves to throw shade.
Tight Angry or upset I was tight about that decision.
Totes Totally That’s totes amazing.
Trippin’ Acting crazy or irrational You’re trippin’ right now.
Vibe Atmosphere or feeling I love the vibe of this place.
Wagwan What’s going on? Wagwan, how are you?


To sum it up, diving into over 120 New York City slang terms really opens up what the city is all about. You get a taste of the different voices and stories that make up New York. It’s more than just learning new words; it’s about connecting with people and getting the real vibe of the city. This guide is like a bridge.

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