21 Unique Ways To Say Goodbye In Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese has many ways of saying goodbye, each expressing different parts of its culture and emotions. Exploring 21 unique farewells teaches us about more than just language variety. It helps us see the deeper social and personal connections in Chinese society. What do these expressions reveal about what Chinese people value and consider important?

21 Unique Ways to Say Goodbye in Mandarin Chinese

Goodbye In Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese Pinyin English Translation
再见 Zài jiàn Goodbye (most common)
拜拜 Bái bái Bye-bye (informal)
回头见 Huí tóu jiàn See you later
下次见 Xià cì jiàn See you next time
再会 Zài huì See you again
慢走 Màn zǒu Take care (lit. “Walk slowly”)
保重 Bǎo zhòng Take care
再联系 Zài lián xì Keep in touch
一路顺风 Yī lù shùn fēng Have a pleasant journey
再聊 Zài liáo Talk to you later
晚安 Wǎn’ān Good night
回见 Huí jiàn See you
再相见 Zài xiāng jiàn Until we meet again
告辞 Gào cí Goodbye (formal)
再来玩 Zài lái wán Come play again
明天见 Míngtiān jiàn See you tomorrow
改天见 Gǎitiān jiàn See you another day
后会有期 Hòu huì yǒu qī We’ll meet again someday
再联络 Zài lián luò Let’s keep in touch
珍重 Zhēn zhòng Take care (more formal)
再谈 Zài tán Talk to you later


To wrap up, learning different ways to say goodbye in Mandarin Chinese does more than boost your language skills. It also helps you connect more deeply with Chinese culture. When you use these phrases skillfully, you show emotional sensitivity and cultural awareness. This makes your conversations richer and shows great respect for Chinese traditions.

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