German Numbers: An Easy Guide On How To Count From 0–100

Counting from 0 to 100 in German is essential if you’re picking up the language. It’s pretty straightforward. In German, you start with unique words for the numbers 0 through 12. After that, it follows a clear pattern. This pattern mixes these initial numbers with suffixes to form the higher numbers, making them easier to remember and use.

German Numbers from 0-100

German Numbers from 0-100

Number German Pronunciation
0 Null nool
1 Eins ayns
2 Zwei tsvy
3 Drei dry
4 Vier feer
5 Fünf fuunf
6 Sechs zex
7 Sieben ZEE-ben
8 Acht ahkt
9 Neun noyn
10 Zehn tsayn
11 Elf elf
12 Zwölf tsvuulf
13 Dreizehn DRY-tsayn
14 Vierzehn FEER-tsayn
15 Fünfzehn FUUNF-tsayn
16 Sechzehn ZECH-tsayn
17 Siebzehn ZEEP-tsayn
18 Achtzehn AHKT-tsayn
19 Neunzehn NOYN-tsayn
20 Zwanzig TSVAN-tsik
21 Einundzwanzig EYN-unt-tsvan-tsik
22 Zweiundzwanzig TSVY-unt-tsvan-tsik
23 Dreiundzwanzig DRY-unt-tsvan-tsik
24 Vierundzwanzig FEER-unt-tsvan-tsik
25 Fünfundzwanzig FUUNF-unt-tsvan-tsik
26 Sechsundzwanzig ZECHS-unt-tsvan-tsik
27 Siebenundzwanzig ZEE-ben-unt-tsvan-tsik
28 Achtundzwanzig AHKT-unt-tsvan-tsik
29 Neunundzwanzig NOYN-unt-tsvan-tsik
30 Dreißig DRY-sik
31 Einunddreißig EYN-unt-DRY-sik
32 Zweiunddreißig TSVY-unt-DRY-sik
33 Dreiunddreißig DRY-unt-DRY-sik
34 Vierunddreißig FEER-unt-DRY-sik
35 Fünfunddreißig FUUNF-unt-DRY-sik
36 Sechsunddreißig ZECHS-unt-DRY-sik
37 Siebenunddreißig ZEE-ben-unt-DRY-sik
38 Achtunddreißig AHKT-unt-DRY-sik
39 Neununddreißig NOYN-unt-DRY-sik
40 Vierzig FEER-tsik
41 Einundvierzig EYN-unt-FEER-tsik
42 Zweiundvierzig TSVY-unt-FEER-tsik
43 Dreiundvierzig DRY-unt-FEER-tsik
44 Vierundvierzig FEER-unt-FEER-tsik
45 Fünfundvierzig FUUNF-unt-FEER-tsik
46 Sechsundvierzig ZECHS-unt-FEER-tsik
47 Siebenundvierzig ZEE-ben-unt-FEER-tsik
48 Achtundvierzig AHKT-unt-FEER-tsik
49 Neunundvierzig NOYN-unt-FEER-tsik
50 Fünfzig FUUNF-tsik
51 Einundfünfzig EYN-unt-FUUNF-tsik
52 Zweiundfünfzig TSVY-unt-FUUNF-tsik
53 Dreiundfünfzig DRY-unt-FUUNF-tsik
54 Vierundfünfzig FEER-unt-FUUNF-tsik
55 Fünfundfünfzig FUUNF-unt-FUUNF-tsik
56 Sechsundfünfzig ZECHS-unt-FUUNF-tsik
57 Siebenundfünfzig ZEE-ben-unt-FUUNF-tsik
58 Achtundfünfzig AHKT-unt-FUUNF-tsik
59 Neunundfünfzig NOYN-unt-FUUNF-tsik
60 Sechzig ZECH-sik
61 Einundsechzig EYN-unt-ZECH-sik
62 Zweiundsechzig TSVY-unt-ZECH-sik
63 Dreiundsechzig DRY-unt-ZECH-sik
64 Vierundsechzig FEER-unt-ZECH-sik
65 Fünfundsechzig FUUNF-unt-ZECH-sik
66 Sechsundsechzig ZECHS-unt-ZECH-sik
67 Siebenundsechzig ZEE-ben-unt-ZECH-sik
68 Achtundsechzig AHKT-unt-ZECH-sik
69 Neunundsechzig NOYN-unt-ZECH-sik
70 Siebzig ZEEB-tsik
71 Einundsiebzig EYN-unt-ZEEB-tsik
72 Zweiundsiebzig TSVY-unt-ZEEB-tsik
73 Dreiundsiebzig DRY-unt-ZEEB-tsik
74 Vierundsiebzig FEER-unt-ZEEB-tsik
75 Fünfundsiebzig FUUNF-unt-ZEEB-tsik
76 Sechsundsiebzig ZECHS-unt-ZEEB-tsik
77 Siebenundsiebzig ZEE-ben-unt-ZEEB-tsik
78 Achtundsiebzig AHKT-unt-ZEEB-tsik
79 Neunundsiebzig NOYN-unt-ZEEB-tsik
80 Achtzig AHKT-tsik
81 Einundachtzig EYN-unt-AHKT-tsik
82 Zweiundachtzig TSVY-unt-AHKT-tsik
83 Dreiundachtzig DRY-unt-AHKT-tsik
84 Vierundachtzig FEER-unt-AHKT-tsik
85 Fünfundachtzig FUUNF-unt-AHKT-tsik
86 Sechsundachtzig ZECHS-unt-AHKT-tsik
87 Siebenundachtzig ZEE-ben-unt-AHKT-tsik
88 Achtundachtzig AHKT-unt-AHKT-tsik
89 Neunundachtzig NOYN-unt-AHKT-tsik
90 Neunzig NOYN-tsik
91 Einundneunzig EYN-unt-NOYN-tsik
92 Zweiundneunzig TSVY-unt-NOYN-tsik
93 Dreiundneunzig DRY-unt-NOYN-tsik
94 Vierundneunzig FEER-unt-NOYN-tsik
95 Fünfundneunzig FUUNF-unt-NOYN-tsik
96 Sechsundneunzig ZECHS-unt-NOYN-tsik
97 Siebenundneunzig ZEE-ben-unt-NOYN-tsik
98 Achtundneunzig AHKT-unt-NOYN-tsik
99 Neunundneunzig NOYN-unt-NOYN-tsik
100 Einhundert EYN-hoon-dert

How to Remember and Practice German Numbers

Tips for memorising the numbers

Mastering German numbers gets easier with some clever memory tricks and regular practice. Start by learning how German numbers are built, especially the tricky ones from 13 to 19 and the multiples of ten. Break the numbers into small groups and tackle one group at a time.

Strategies for practicing and reinforcing number fluency

A simple way to do this is by using numbers daily. For a bit of fun, why dive into some German number puzzles or even Sudoku? These games are not just entertaining; they’re a good mental workout in German.

Also, listen to numbers in German as much as you can. When you watch a German film or listen to a podcast, pay extra attention to the numbers. This will help you get better at understanding and saying them.

And don’t forget about digital tools like flashcards or language apps. They’re great for practice on the go. They immediately give you feedback and help you see where you’re improving.

Using numbers in real-life situations (ordering, negotiating, etc.)

Using German numbers in everyday situations, like ordering in restaurants or discussing prices, helps with your language skills. When you’re out eating, you can say “Zwei Kaffees, bitte” (two coffees, please) or “Ein Stück Kuchen” (one piece of cake) to order. When shopping, knowing how to say numbers can help you negotiate prices. You might say, “Kann ich das für fünfzehn Euro bekommen?” (Can I get this for fifteen euros?).


Knowing German numbers is vital in everyday life and working in German-speaking areas. This basic part of the language helps you communicate effectively, whether shopping, doing business, or just chatting.

Learning how German numbers work, from 0 to 100, builds a strong base for better language skills and confidence. Using games, real-world activities, and tech tools in your daily practice helps you remember and speak more fluently.

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