21 Spanish Speaking Countries: Capitals & Flags

The 21 Spanish-speaking countries are spread out over different continents. From the busy streets of Buenos Aires to the historic avenues of Madrid, each country is united by the Spanish language but stands out with its own cultural identity. You’ll often hear Spanish in international groups, where people use it to talk and write things down.

Spanish-Speaking Countries Map

Spanish-Speaking Countries Map

Our interactive map shows where people speak Spanish worldwide, from Europe to South America and even parts of Africa. It highlights not just countries where Spanish is the primary language but also places where Spanish has a significant cultural impact.

This map is great for teachers, students, and anyone travelling. It helps us see how Spanish spreads across the globe. Knowing where Spanish is spoken can be useful for learning and cultural understanding.

Country Capital Flag
Argentina Buenos Aires Argentina Flag
Bolivia Sucre Bolivia Flag
Chile Santiago Chile Flag
Colombia Bogotá Colombia Flag
Costa Rica San José Costa Rica Flag
Cuba Havana Cuba Flag
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Flag
Ecuador Quito Ecuador Flag
El Salvador San Salvador El Salvador Flag
Equatorial Guinea Malabo Equatorial Guinea Flag
Guatemala Guatemala City Guatemala Flag
Honduras Tegucigalpa Honduras Flag
Mexico Mexico City Mexico Flag
Nicaragua Managua Nicaragua Flag
Panama Panama City Panama Flag
Paraguay Asunción Paraguay Flag
Peru Lima Peru Flag
Spain Madrid Spain Flag
Uruguay Montevideo Uruguay Flag
Venezuela Caracas Venezuela Flag
Puerto Rico San Juan Puerto Rico Flag


The map showing the 21 Spanish-speaking countries, along with their capitals and flags, helps us understand the global community of Spanish speakers better. This map is a great tool. It shows where these countries are and celebrates each country’s unique culture. It’s perfect for teachers, students, and travelers who want to explore the diverse languages and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

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