Explore 100+ French Flower Names With Meaning

The list of French flower names is as colourful and diverse as the country’s history and culture. Each name, from the simple ‘Bleuet’ to the stately ‘Chrysanthème’, does more than just describe what the flower looks like. These names also carry deeper meanings in French art, literature, and daily life.

By diving into these names, we glimpse the emotions and values important to the French. This journey through language is about admiring the beauty of flowers and understanding the cultural stories they tell.

100+ French Flower Names With Meaning

Exploring the meanings of French flower names isn’t just about words—it’s a dive into the heart of French culture. Each name holds a story, reflecting historical or symbolic meanings that enrich the language and our understanding of French traditions. If you’re learning French or love flowers, getting to know these names adds a special layer to your knowledge.

# French Name English Name Meaning
1 Acacia Acacia Secret love
2 Anémone Anemone Forsaken
3 Azalée Azalea Temperance
4 Bleuet Cornflower Delicacy
5 Camélia Camellia Unpretending excellence
6 Capucine Nasturtium Patriotism
7 Chrysanthème Chrysanthemum Cheerfulness
8 Clématite Clematis Artifice
9 Coquelicot Poppy Consolation
10 Dahlia Dahlia Dignity
11 Églantine Sweetbriar Poetry
12 Fougère Fern Sincerity
13 Frésia Freesia Innocence
14 Gardenia Gardenia Secret love
15 Géranium Geranium Folly
16 Giroflée Stock Lasting beauty
17 Glycine Wisteria Welcoming
18 Hortensia Hydrangea Heartlessness
19 Iris Iris Message
20 Jacinthe Hyacinth Playfulness
21 Jasmin Jasmine Amiability
22 Jonquille Daffodil Unrequited love
23 Lavande Lavender Distrust
24 Lilas Lilac First emotions of love
25 Lys Lily Purity and refined beauty
26 Marguerite Daisy Innocence and purity
27 Mimosa Mimosa Sensitivity
28 Myosotis Forget-me-not True love
29 Nénuphar Water Lily Purity of heart
30 Œillet Carnation Fascination
31 Orchidée Orchid Beauty
32 Pâquerette Daisy Innocence
33 Pivoine Peony Bashfulness
34 Primevère Primrose Youth
35 Renoncule Buttercup Radiant with charms
36 Rose Rose Love
37 Souci Marigold Grief
38 Tournesol Sunflower Adoration
39 Tulipe Tulip Declaration of love
40 Violette Violet Modesty
41 Zinnia Zinnia Lasting affection
42 Aconit Monkshood Knight’s bane
43 Amaryllis Amaryllis Pride
44 Ancolie Columbine Folly
45 Angélique Angelica Inspiration
46 Arum Calla Lily Magnificent beauty
47 Asphodèle Asphodel My regrets follow you to the grave
48 Aubépine Hawthorn Hope
49 Belladone Deadly Nightshade Silence
50 Bégonia Begonia Beware
51 Bouton d’or Buttercup Childishness
52 Bruyère Heather Admiration
53 Cactus Cactus Endurance
54 Campanule Bellflower Gratitude
55 Centaurée Cornflower Delicacy
56 Chèvrefeuille Honeysuckle Devoted affection
57 Ciguë Hemlock You will be my death
58 Clématite Clematis Mental beauty
59 Consoude Comfrey Healing
60 Corydale Corydalis The remedy to my love sickness
61 Crocus Crocus Youthful gladness
62 Cytise Laburnum Pensive beauty
63 Digitale Foxglove Insincerity
64 Eucalyptus Eucalyptus Protection
65 Euphorbe Spurge Persistence
66 Fritillaire Fritillary Majesty
67 Galanthus Snowdrop Hope
68 Genêt Broom Humility
69 Gentiane Gentian Intrinsic worth
70 Gloriosa Gloriosa Lily Ambition
71 Héliotrope Heliotrope Eternal love
72 Hibiscus Hibiscus Delicate beauty
73 Hoya Wax Plant Sculpted beauty
74 Immortelle Everlasting Immortality
75 Ixia Corn Lily Happiness
76 Jacaranda Jacaranda Wisdom
77 Lantana Lantana Rigor
78 Laurier Bay Laurel Glory
79 Lavatera Tree Mallow Sensibility
80 Lisianthus Eustoma Outgoing
81 Lobélie Lobelia Malevolence
82 Lotus Lotus Purity and enlightenment
83 Lupin Lupine Imagination
84 Magnolia Magnolia Nobility
85 Muguet Lily of the Valley Return of happiness
86 Myrte Myrtle Love in marriage
87 Narcisse Narcissus Self-esteem
88 Nérine Nerine Freedom
89 Oeillet d’Inde Marigold Grief
90 Onagre Evening Primrose Inconstancy
91 Pavot Poppy Imagination
92 Pensée Pansy Thought
93 Perce-neige Snowdrop Hope
94 Phlox Phlox Our souls are united
95 Pissenlit Dandelion Happiness
96 Plumeria Frangipani Shelter
97 Primevère Primrose Youth
98 Prunus Cherry Blossom Spiritual beauty
99 Reine-des-prés Meadowsweet Utility
100 Rhododendron Rhododendron Danger
101 Saponaire Soapwort Capricious beauty
102 Scabieuse Scabiosa Unfortunate love
103 Statice Sea Lavender Sympathy
104 Stephanotis Stephanotis Happiness in marriage
105 Strelitzia Bird of Paradise Freedom
106 Tiare Tahitian Gardenia I will always remember you
107 Trèfle Clover Think of me
108 Verveine Verbena Pray for me
109 Violette Violet Modesty
110 Zinnia Zinnia Lasting affection


To wrap up, studying over 100 French flower names and their meanings really opens up a window into France’s heart and soul. These names aren’t just about words; they show what matters to French people: their history and love for beauty. Knowing these flower names helps us see how deeply nature and culture are woven together in France. It’s a fascinating mix of language and symbols, all blooming together in the world of flowers.

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