35 Hilarious Italian Slang Words to Add to Your Vocabulary

Italian slang opens up the culture. It makes learning the language more fun, giving you a peek into how everyday Italians speak. When you learn slang, you see real Italian life—how people express feelings and handle different situations through their unique sayings. It’s different from the Italian you find in textbooks.

Why You Need to Learn Italian Slang Words

Italian dialects

Italian dialects

Italian dialects are diverse and full of unique expressions. Knowing the slang is key if you want to connect with the culture. Each area has its dialect that tells you about its history and traditions.

When you understand these local nuances, you can communicate better and appreciate Italy’s regional differences more deeply. Whether it’s the vibrant phrases of Sicilian or the musical sounds of Venetian, learning this slang is crucial for a deep and authentic travel experience.

Natural language

So, if you want to connect with Italian, you must get comfortable with slang. It breaks down communication barriers and shows how different people talk, from one region to another, or from one generation to the next.

When you pick up everyday phrases, you get a real sense of how Italians speak daily. This makes everything feel natural like you’re just chatting, not stuck in a language class.

List of 35 Hilarious Italian Slang Words

Diving into Italian slang is like finding hidden gems. Expressions like ‘Che figata!’ (‘How cool!’) and ‘Essere in canna,’ or ‘To be full of energy,’ bring life to everyday chats. Others like ‘Meno male!’ (‘How lucky!’) and ‘Che palle!’ (‘How annoying!’) quickly show how we feel.


No. Italian Slang English Translation/Meaning
1 Figurati No way!/Don’t mention it!
2 Boh I don’t know
3 Che figata! How cool!
4 Magari If only!/I wish!
5 Cavolo! Damn!/Wow! (literally “cabbage”)
6 Che pizza! How boring! (literally “what a pizza!”)
7 Dai! Come on!
8 Fregarsene Not to care
9 In bocca al lupo Good luck (literally “in the wolf’s mouth”)
10 Crepi! Response to “in bocca al lupo” (“May it die!”)
11 Mamma mia! Oh my God!
12 Mi raccomando Don’t forget!/Make sure to
13 Non mi va I don’t feel like it
14 Pisolino Nap
15 Che casino! What a mess!
16 Fare il filo To flirt
17 Non rompere! Don’t bother me! (literally “don’t break”)
18 Stai fresco! You’re dreaming!/You’ve got no chance!
19 Essere al verde To be broke
20 Piantala! Stop it!
21 Ma che cavolo? What the hell?
22 Non ci piove No doubt about it (literally “it doesn’t rain on it”)
23 Andare a ruba To sell like hotcakes
24 Prendere in giro To make fun of
25 Scherzi a parte Joking aside
26 Che palle! What a pain!
27 Essere fuori di testa To be out of one’s mind
28 Fare una figuraccia To make a fool of oneself
29 Mandare qualcuno a quel paese To tell someone to get lost
30 Mi fa cagare It sucks (literally “it makes me poop”)
31 Un pezzo grosso A big shot
32 Vai a farti benedire Go to hell (literally “go get yourself blessed”)
33 Essere in gamba To be smart/capable
34 Smettila! Cut it out!
35 Essere un asso To be an ace



Using Italian slang can boost your language skills and help you get a more profound sense of the culture. These 35 funny phrases are key to connecting more authentically with Italians and improving your ability to chat and socialise. Knowing these expressions is helpful whether you’re travelling, having a casual talk, or studying. They let you easily navigate everyday Italian conversations and bond with Italy’s vibrant culture.

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