Interesting Facts About the Arabic

The Arabic is a unique language among the mainstream languages in the world. It is written or read from right to the left and is the source of many Latin words. It is very difficult to learn. Arabic is the fifth most spoken language. There are some important facts that you need to know about the language.

  • Arabic has one unique thing and which makes it hard to learn. The writing system of the language is not based on alphabets. It is based on an abjad system. In this system, the letters represent constants, but not vowels. A speaker reads vowels and mark to pronounce vowels.
  • Arabic is among the popular family of languages called Afro-Asiatic. It is commonly spoken in the Mid East and some segments of Africa. The family is made of six branches that have 300 living languages or dialects. Arabic is the widely spoken language by 350 million speakers.
  • The official language of the Malta, Maltese, was arisen in the 11th century, when migrants of the nearby islands settled there. The people spoke Arabic dialect resulted from the conquest of Sicily in the 2nd half of the 19th century. Maltese is derived from Siculo Arabic, a recognized branch of the Arabic language. The language spoken in Malta is the sole dialect to be written in some Latin alphabet.
  • Arabic and Hebrew are the branches of the Central Semitic Languages. Both these languages are based on abjads, and both use negation marker.
  • The Arabic translation requires professional and accurate translations. The translation may require for immigration purpose i.e. certificates translation.
  • According to a study of the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute, Arabic is one of the difficult languages to learn for English speakers. It takes almost 1.69 years to learn the language. In comparison, the easiest language requires almost 23 to 24 weeks of study.
  • Though a number of modern languages greatly influenced by the Arabic, the Semitic language has been influenced by closely relative languages. Arabic has borrowed many words from Hebrew, Hellenistic Greek, Aramaic, and Persian. For example, the word in Arabic for the city, “Madina”, has been rooted both in Aramaic and Hebrew.
  • Arabic is hundreds of years old language. It is classified as originating in the 6th century. Arabic has some old versions, such as an ancient Arabic dialect, the Safaitic dialect spoken by pre-Islamic nomads of Syro Arabian desert. The written version can be traced back even to the 1st century.
  • Arabic is known as the fifth most spoken language. Arabic is well represented in the region of the Middle East and is one of the main languages. Other four most spoken languages are Spanish, English, Hindi, and Chinese.

Knowing such facts about this language will make you appreciate the language as well as a culture more. Complex and beautiful, and about 1500 years old, it is rich in descriptive vocabulary, making the ideal language for poetry. Due to the old age and beauty, Arabic has influenced the history and culture for centuries and continues to be vital as well as important in this modern world.

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