120 Essential Spanish Slang Words To Elevate Your Language Skills

As the Spanish language gains popularity worldwide, it’s crucial to grasp its subtle details. Our list of 120 essential spanish slang words is a great resource for those wanting to connect better with native speakers. It offers learners a chance to speak more naturally and confidently, diving into the rich cultural contexts of Spanish-speaking communities.

Benefits of Mastering Spanish Slang

Mastering Spanish Slang

Knowing Spanish slang really helps you talk better with people who’ve grown up speaking it. It makes conversations feel more real and less stiff. This doesn’t just boost your language skills—it also enriches your cultural experiences whenever you hang out in different Spanish-speaking spots.

120 Essential Spanish Slang Words and Phrases

Learning the slang of Spanish-speaking countries really helps you speak better and connect with locals. Each country has its own slang that shows off its culture. For example, in Spain, when something is cool, they say ‘guay.’

# Spanish Slang Word English Translation Country of Origin
1 Guay Cool Spain
2 Chévere Cool, great Venezuela, Colombia
3 Mola Cool, awesome Spain
4 Tío/Tía Guy, dude / girl, chick Spain
5 Vale Okay Spain
6 Buena onda Good vibes Argentina, Chile
7 Pibe Kid, guy Argentina
8 Chamo Kid, dude Venezuela
9 Pana Friend, buddy Venezuela, Colombia
10 Oye Hey General Latin America
11 Joder Damn, screw Spain
12 Coche Car Spain
13 Carro Car Latin America
14 Chido Cool Mexico
15 Padre Cool (lit. father) Mexico
16 Gacho Bad, poor quality Mexico
17 Mande What? (polite) Mexico
18 Wey/Güey Dude Mexico
19 Fresa Preppy, snobbish Mexico
20 Chela Beer Mexico
21 Soda Soda, pop Mexico
22 Que padre That’s awesome Mexico
23 Boludo Fool, idiot (friendly/insulting) Argentina
24 Che Hey, dude Argentina, Uruguay
25 Copado Cool, awesome Argentina
26 Quilombo Mess, disorder Argentina
27 Fiaca Laziness, idleness Argentina
28 Laburo Work (job) Argentina, Uruguay
29 Morfi Food Argentina
30 Pelotudo Idiot, stupid Argentina
31 Salado Expensive, tough Argentina, Uruguay
32 Sarpado Awesome, too much Argentina
33 Jeta Face Argentina
34 Plata Money Argentina, Uruguay
35 Mango Money Argentina
36 Piola Cool, smart Argentina
37 Bondi Bus Argentina
38 Gil Fool, naïve person Argentina
39 Facha Good looking Argentina
40 Bronca Anger, rage Argentina, Uruguay
41 Chorra Luck Argentina
42 Chucho Cold Central America
43 Maje Dude Central America
44 Tuanis Cool, good Costa Rica
45 Mae Dude Costa Rica
46 Sura Beer (slang) Costa Rica
47 Concho Free ride, hitchhiking Dominican Republic
48 Vaina Thing, stuff Dominican Republic
49 Pana Friend Dominican Republic
50 Parcero Friend, buddy Colombia
51 Bacano Cool, awesome Colombia
52 Guachafita Mess, disorder Colombia
53 Rumbear To party, to go out Colombia
54 Chancleta Flip-flop Colombia
55 Achantar To scare, to intimidate Colombia
56 Camello Job (hard work) Colombia
57 Chimba Cool, awesome Colombia
58 Lucas Money Colombia
59 Jartera Being fed up, annoyance Colombia
60 Paila Bad situation, problem Colombia
61 Rajado Amazing, incredible Costa Rica
62 Cabro Guy, dude Chile
63 Pololo Boyfriend Chile
64 Polola Girlfriend Chile
65 Cachai You know?, Get it? Chile
66 Bacán Cool, great Chile
67 Al tiro Right away Chile
68 Fome Boring Chile
69 La raja Awesome, great Chile
70 Luca 1000 pesos Chile
71 Pega Job Chile
72 Cuático Crazy, intense Chile
73 Gallo Guy (informal) Chile
74 Micro Bus Chile
75 Flaca Girl, woman (affectionate) General Latin America
76 Mina Girl, woman Argentina, Chile
77 Chavón Guy, dude Argentina
78 Ligar To flirt, to hook up Spain
79 Molar To like, to be into Spain
80 Pinchar To prick, but used as to hook up Spain
81 Guiri Foreigner, especially from Europe Spain
82 Pasta Money Spain
83 Quedar To meet, to date Spain
84 Rollo Fling, story Spain
85 Tajo Job Spain
86 Molar To like Spain
87 Colgado Hung up, obsessed Spain
88 Currar To work Spain
89 Pirarse To leave, to run away Spain
90 Chamba Job, work Peru, Bolivia
91 Jato Home, house Peru
92 Jato Sleepy, tired Peru
93 Pata Friend, buddy Peru
94 Fercho Taxi driver Peru
95 Tombo Policeman Peru
96 Choro Thief Peru
97 Chamba Job Peru
98 Jamar To eat Peru
99 Jato Home Peru
100 Luca Sol (Peruvian currency) Peru
101 Pata Leg, but used for friend Peru
102 Jato Dumb, stupid Peru
103 Cana Jail, prison Argentina
104 Gilada Nonsense, foolish things Argentina
105 Laburar To work Argentina
106 Garca Swindler, cheater Argentina
107 Fiaca Laziness, not wanting to do anything Argentina
108 Chorro Thief Argentina
109 Boludo Fool, but also used affectionately as “dude” Argentina
110 Mina Woman, girl Argentina
111 Quilombo Mess, disorder Argentina
112 Birra Beer Argentina
113 Guita Money Argentina
114 Cheto Snobbish, posh Argentina
115 Fiaca Laziness Argentina
116 Mango Money Argentina
117 Gil Naive person Argentina
118 Facha Good looking Argentina
119 Bronca Anger Argentina, Uruguay
120 Chorra Luck Argentina


In summary, learning Spanish slang really helps if you want to speak the language well and understand its culture better. Knowing these words makes talking to native speakers smoother and more genuine. It also helps you get a deeper feel for the variety of cultures in the Spanish-speaking world. By adding these 120 key slang words and phrases to your vocabulary, you’ll sound more natural and enjoy your conversations more.

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