Body Parts In Spanish: A Comprehensive Head-to-Toe Guide

Learning the names of body parts in Spanish is more than just adding words to your vocabulary. It’s critical to communicate well in both everyday and professional settings. Knowing these terms helps you talk clearly about health, exercise, or even clothes with Spanish speakers. It also helps you connect better with their culture, improving your social life and understanding.

Body Parts in Spanish From Head-to-Toe

Learning Spanish body part names from head to toe is crucial for everyday conversations.

Spanish English
Cabeza Head
Cabello Hair
Frente Forehead
Ojos Eyes
Orejas Ears
Nariz Nose
Boca Mouth
Labios Lips
Dientes Teeth
Lengua Tongue
Mejillas Cheeks
Barbilla Chin
Cuello Neck
Hombros Shoulders
Brazo Arm
Codo Elbow
Muñeca Wrist
Mano Hand
Dedos Fingers
Uñas Nails
Pecho Chest
Pezón Nipple
Abdomen Abdomen
Estómago Stomach
Cintura Waist
Cadera Hip
Pierna Leg
Muslo Thigh
Rodilla Knee
Tobillo Ankle
Pie Foot
Dedos del pie Toes


To sum up, learning the names of body parts in Spanish is useful. It helps you communicate better every day and gets you deeper into the culture. Knowing these words improves your interaction in places like hospitals, shops, and social events. If you can describe how you feel or what bothers you, it makes seeing a doctor much more accessible.

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