Writing A Successful Resume For A Translator

Sometimes we do not give an importance to the resume for a successful career in any walk of life.  No matter you are a professional worker in an organization or a freelancer. The professionals, although given importance to the resume as it is the only way to impress the organization. The resume is of greater importance in case of a freelancer as you will never be there to express your expertise and experiences. Being a translator have you ever wondered what your resume should look like? Or have you ever wondered what the managers look for in the resume of translators?   Here are some tips for building up a good resume as a translator for seeking a job in a translation agency.

The translators need to understand that they are the facilitators as they are giving the information to the audience who probably have no access to the information in its original language. Hence, we can say the translators have a great responsibility and plays an important role where the language is a barrier. But the translator remains in a shadow of the document or the text that has been translated.

Apart from the educational background one needs to be in touch with the technology and know the requirement of the industry. The internet has provided greater facility in this perspective as you get to know about people and technology.

The translators if decide to work as a freelancer should build up their profile on different websites, general or specified, general like freelancer and upwork and specific like smartlation. The Contact information must be provided and then you should be very precise regarding the documents you translated and the expertise.  In most of the cases, the customers ask to provide a sample or test document and if it gets approved they assign you a task. This shows that besides having a resume, you are actually capable of working.

The translators are Linguists, they should be able to produce a great Resume, that would actually be the very first thing to judge. If the translators is not able to produce a good CV, what can others expect them to produce. Some key points to be noted are;

  • The resume of a translator must include the language combinations. The managers will not waste any time in looking for the languages in the resume.
  • A cover letter should also be enclosed to show a professional attitude that should include a subject and should not be too long to over shadow the resume. The key information like languages and the CAT tools must be pointed out in the letter.
  • The cover letter should consist of a single page, that would be about 370-470 words but not more than that. This should cover all the experience and the expertise.
  • A resume, on the other hand should not exceed 2 and a half page, in most cases 2 pages are more likely to be appreciated. However, it also depends on the formatting of the resume and also the job the translator is applying for.
  • Most of the translations are generic and junior translators are required to do the job which is on a regular basis, although specialization is also important and should be pointed out in the resume.

Writing a cover letter and a resume is an art and a writer is expected to produce a perfect resume as their skills will be tested on their cover letter and their resume.

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    This should be an essential guide for translators who want to update their resume!

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