Why the translation Rates Vary?

Receiving quotes from many providers are confusing, due to the difference in their prices. Different factors are responsible for making up translation price. The most important of them is a quality factor. It will be discussed how quality factor plays its role in translation price. Consider a car analogy for this.

Translations resembles cars while talking about their prices:

The problem of high prices of translations is not a unique to the industry. It can be compared to the vehicle industry, where the deviation of prices is shocking, too, with prices of new car ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 in dollars and more. The quality accounts for their varied prices. If there is only about going from one place to another, then the cheapest car would be enough. Similarly, if you are going to translate a document that will not be read by anyone, they go for cheapest translation. For the premium quality with a car, you will pay more, and same is the case with translation.

Is quality means safety?

Purchasing quality at huge price means safety. It is obvious that a premium car will have a better steel and surely be manufactured by high skilled people and excellent work. It comes with advanced systems and airbags. Accordingly, the chances of survival in the expensive car increases. Translations are the same. A high quality and reliable translation, free form errors, will avoid liabilities.bad translations may have legal costs if user faces trouble with the products or services. If you come to know that you have shipped the product with unsound translation, you will face unexpected costs.

Reliability and convenience:

An advanced car comes with many features that do not exist in a cheap car. The features of a premium car make fun and comfortable. It is more reliable. The translation process is the same. High price translations mean it will be final and accurate. In this case, your vendors will consider you like a king.

How quality gives better results?

A car is needed to work daily. Mostly people thought a cheap one would be okay for that. There may be a flaw that it does not start because of its cheap battery. As in the case of translations, low quality, and cheap one do not fulfill the purpose. It will require effort from the users to understand these translations. It will also decrease the number of clients instead of attracting. You will save money but it would be negligible as compared with lost profits. On the other hand, expensive translations are easy to understand and sometimes are better than the source language. They will increase your confidence as well because they give expected results.

Concluding, of course many other factors also involved in cars as well as translations, but the most important that contributes most is the quality. The big difference is that a quality car can be seen as a luxury. But a quality translation is an investment. The better the choice will be, the quality and higher return you get. So, try to buy expensive translations for better quality and reliability.

Maryum is a freelance writer and IT Professional living in Pakistan. Her technical and transcription blogs about software solutions have been published on various websites. With her hands on experience in translation tools like CATMATE, OMEGAt and TRADOS and advisor of technological tools for big transcription and translation projects. Maryum has the capability of delivering high-quality knowledge in just a few words on her articles and blogs.

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