Translation Services through Freelance Websites

The translators prefer working as a freelancer, but it gets difficult to find the very first project. Sometimes the translators to send their resume to dozens of agencies, but rarely get any response. The key to success as a freelance translator is initial experience, and the freelance websites are a great place to gain such experience as they allow the workers to get in touch with thousands of employers. But the question arises that how the freelance websites work? Take an example of a small website of e-commerce working in a country and the owner is going to start working in another country say Germany and now he need to translate his website into the German Language. The owner will have to log on to a freelancer website and post a project and translators will apply and then the owner will have to choose from all those translators.

Freelance Websites

Although the list of freelancing websites is very long, but there are some top rated websites that work in the industry for years.

  1. UpWork is by far the largest network for clients and freelancers. One can easily find a job on the website, the freelancers bid against each other for any project and the clients choose their best option from those bidders. This website also provides the payment protection plan for workers and clients and takes it 10% of your earning along with the monthly fee as per the package plan.
  2. Guru is another option but one has to pass an interview and a test before working. But it goes for the best freelancers only and the client looks for the best option rather than the lowest bid. One can rightly say that it is more professional than any other freelancing website.
  3. People Per Hour is specific for hourly jobs and urgent assignments, the freelancers are paid on an hourly basis.
  4. Freelancer is another big option and you have to specify your skills and search for the right job as per your skills. It also works in a very similar way as UpWork on both the sides.
  5. Fiverr costs everything as $5, it may seem low, as a beginner, but it starts to grow with experience. The freelancers and clients create gigs to communicate what you do and what you desire.

Translation Websites

With time, the translation industry has grown way bigger and better, the translators and the agencies have become more specific. The clients prefer the dedicated websites to get the task done. There are quite many websites for the translation industry, a few big names are translators town, smartlation, translation café and many more. These dedicated websites bring together the client and the translators, allowing them to create the profiles on the website.

The websites also are very helpful for the industry because of the blogs, news and the update information regarding the translation and the tools. New translators may get a lot of help and get a clear glimpse of the industry with the help of these blogs and the forums.

Suggestions to Conclude

The expert opinion is always helpful and they always tell the new ones to build up a great reputation with starting up from one website rather than creating profiles on multiple web pages. The starters should also go with one project at a time so that they may produce a great project.

It takes a lot of time and experience to gain enough clients on a daily basis. The trust is built with time and great work as per requirement of the client. The websites can be used full time, one can become part-time and full-time freelance translator as per their passion.  However, it is a great way to get started.




  1. Avatar Nick says:

    what about other sites like, onehour,, proz?

  2. Avatar Kendall says:

    I think it can be wise for a translator to get experience first with sites like Fiverr, UpWork, and more before beginning to branch out and either create their own company or work for a firm that deals in high-paying clientele. Then, moving up to sites like smartlation to garner a more serious approach to the business with a larger resource pool, especially. It pays off in the long run to have more experience first so that you have something to show off in your resume.
    Do you have direct links to any of these sites? I don’t see any URLs in your article. Thanks.

  3. Avatar Karine says:

    The very best in my experience are OneHourTranslation, Proz, and Smartlation. I use all three and they are exceptionally good sources of experience and income. In my personal opinion, having tried all the ones in this article already a long while back, they’re just not worth it. You need to bid a lot and so the system doesn’t really work for you. With the three I mentioned, you can get straight into it. Proz especially is a wonderful translation platform offering great opportunities for further learning as a translator or interpreter or both. I myself have joined many webinars on there and am booked in for another in a few weeks. Check them out. Thanks.

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