A website that is copied well can engage its customers easily and establish a long journey with its buyers. While website localization is in the process, it is very important to translate the text of the site into the native language of its target audience. Sometimes, the culture also does not matter; people may appreciate targeted sounds, pictures, and layouts along with relative significance. Translation is required all over the world. Even if the target audience is aware of the website’s language, but still it will be effective for them to understand the text in their native language (the language they learned since birth).

There are the reasons why translation is an important aspect of website localization task:

  • SEO: Since the transformation of Panda to Google, good content in your text and results ranking algorithm has been prioritized to derive the traffic to the website you are managing. Same is the case with localized websites along with 90% of the searches that are conducted in the native languages of the visitors. If you want to be found internationally, you are required to publish the content what the people are searching in their native language.
  • A professional presentation: Sometimes companies want to forego website translation and rely on translation plug-ins. Leaving the translation method up to browser extension may lead to the mistranslations. As mis-translations look unprofessional and are humorous, they offend the visitors. Even the visitors may become frustrated leaving the improperly translated website.Common Sense Advisory made a study in 2006, according to which, 52.4 percent of the surveyed people said they prefer to purchase online products only if the information that is present on the website is in their native language. On the other hand, 52.4 percent of them said text in their native language is important than the price of the product.The results are more astounding if the countries like Germany, France, and Japan are considered. They are the developed nations that have integrated the English language learning into the educational system.
  • Reach new domestic or international markets: In every main metropolitan center of the United States, a large number of people exist that speak very little or no English. Translation opens up opportunities for marketing. There are intact markets along the United States or even the globe that can increase revenue for any organization.
  • A personal connection: Translated text provides the opportunity to the companies for creating personal contact with the customers. While conducting internet business, companies do not have the benefit of having personal contact between a customer and an employee. The personal connection must be established.There is not part of the website that is personal more than the words. Visuals may attract the customers but the native language is still most important. Language is an aspect of engaging the people’s culture. So, language is culture.
    Some may suggest that a video can also provide connection, but in this case words required both in audio and text. Words are needed and in translated form.Website translation needs an investment too. It provides opportunities for finding new markets, builds customer’s confidence, ensures that the brand is presented professionally, and is the effective way of increasing customers. 


Maryum is a freelance writer and IT Professional living in Pakistan. Her technical and transcription blogs about software solutions have been published on various websites. With her hands on experience in translation tools like CATMATE, OMEGAt and TRADOS and advisor of technological tools for big transcription and translation projects. Maryum has the capability of delivering high-quality knowledge in just a few words on her articles and blogs.

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