Why Targeting the Translation Client

In marketing, we have always heard about Targeting the customers; the businesses that follow this rule are more successful than others as they are not going to everyone for selling their product. Same is the case with the Freelancers, one should define his target clients. Translators in the same way cannot go to everyone for offering their services, their clients are a specific group of people. As a freelancer, one can’t waste his time in promoting his services. In this case, we have to define a tailored message to our potential customers.

There are many advantages of defining the target clients.

  1. If you know who you are trying to contact, you will definitely know where you will be able to find them e.g. joining a specific group of people on LinkedIn.
  2. While writing the tailored message, you can use the keywords that will reverberate with your target clients.
  3. It helps in understanding the needs of a small and specified group rather than a big corporation.
  4. Being able to become specialized in one sector is far better than being a jack of all trades. There is a specified group defined for specialized translators and it provides long term relationship and good reputation.

How to Define your Translation Client:

Some people believe that finding the translation client is very tricky, it is rather very simple.  The ‘Target Client’ lies in the intersection between your favorite industries and ones having a greater demand for translation. This helps you doing your dream job with a respectable earning.

We have always heard people about getting specialization in translation services for success in this industry. This is subject to the field we choose, that is our educational background, like medicine, management, law, management, etc. Another group of people believe knowledge of language is important that means the educational background must be Linguistics. However, we advise to aim in our own interest. People get more successful if they are enjoying  their work.

Take an example of a person who loves the food related material and is passionate about translating recipes. The target industry of such person is a food related business. The restaurants may not be part of the target client as they don’t have much to translate. However, the food magazines being published in multiple countries can be a good client. The blogs and food articles being published weekly or so can also be targeted.

Generally speaking, any industry that has a high demand for translation can be the right target. It is important to think about the client with whom you are comfortable working with, for example, big companies, individual clients, small businesses. It all depends on your own comfort level and temperament of dealing with a specified community.

The key point is to portray a target client, idealize who they might be, figure them out and reach them. There might be two choices, either to start at a broader level, then narrow down the choices or to start in a very specific way and broaden with time and experience.

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    This is such a great article for everyone, to understand this to help us define our target clients!

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