Resources Involved In Translation Business

If you are not a regular client for translation, you are not expected to understand the terms and names used by the translation industry. For example, while needing a translation of a document, who is the right person to communicate with? Is it an Account Manager, a Project Manager, or should you contact a translator?

The Account Manager

The account manager of a translator’s agency is the sales agent they hired: usually, the Account Manager is the first resource to contact while looking for someone to translate the documents into the target language. The responsibility of the account manager is to manage the accounts of the company, deal with the clients who approach and keep the Project Manager up to date on the requests clients made and the project specifications and requirements.

The Project Manager

The project manager of a translation industry is the person who is responsible for other translation-related tasks, for example, quoting how much time is required for translation of the client’s document. The time allowed is dependent on a number of factors and also includes many steps required to attain a quality translation product – for example, translation and editing, and format of the original text will affect the time limit for the translation. It is the responsibility of a project manager to determine the final cost of all the translation projects coming to the industry.

Therefore, the major difference between a Project Manager and Account Manager is that Project manager is responsible for the resources for translation, while an account manager focuses on the client’s needs and requirements.

Delivering the Quotation

Once determine the quote for a translation project, it is sent by the Project Manager and received by the Account Manager, who then forward it to the client. It is vital for the efficient and successful running of the industry that helps in making clear and easy communication between the departments.

Time to Start

If the client accepts the quotation, the time comes to start the project. Now, here the project manager comes because he is responsible for managing the resources which include translator or even a whole team of translators, editors, and other specialists that are required for project completion.

The Translator and The Editor

While coming to the actual translation, both the translator and editor are responsible for making the quality translation. Both these professionals are aiming for a common goal, but they have different tasks. The translator will start working on the original document and it is his responsibility to convert the content into the target language (language specified by a client). The editor is the person who reviews the translated work and then ensures that the grammar, text, and vocabulary of the text are correct.

Final Editing

Finally, as all the delivered projects of translation must be of high quality and accuracy, the translated text or document is reviewed again. The final review is conducted by a third party who check the punctuation, cohesion and coherence, and spellings of the final document.

So, these are the resources involved in the translation industry who focus on giving their clients a high quality work.

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