Market Your Services as a Translator

Marketing is the key to success for any business, it has become a business need some businesses need it the most, especially when there is a lot of competition in the industry or the business is targeting a new market or even when if you are new in the market. This marketing rule for business applies to the translation services also as in this case the individual or the company needs to market themselves in the translation industry to gather as many projects as possible.

In fact the businesses of online services need to market themselves more than other business as they need to be found by the clients. The translators should advertise online and the marketing message should reach the prospective clients as the services are provided online and translators do not meet the clients in person. But there are a few things the translators should avoid in marketing their services.

  1. Emphasizing on the Low Cost

The services of a professional translator involve below mentioned steps;

  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Proofreading

With all the above mentioned services if the translator offers a lower price than it may also give an impression to the client that the quality of work might be low or any of the above mentioned steps are not included in the translator’s services. From the marketing perspective, this technique cannot be used to gather new clients and retain them for long-term. The client is ultimately of the view that the translated document should be worthy of the payment made for it. Hence, it is suggested that the translator while marketing themselves must decide to market competitive rates of the services to prove themselves as worthy of the project.

  1. Reliability only on Marketing

The translators will ultimately be judged on the quality of the work rather than their marketing technique. Good translators are awarded with dividends in the form of long-term relationship with the clients. The translators who prioritize work quality and maintain a good reputation, keep on getting work from regular clients. To fulfil this purpose, the translators investing in themselves by improving their knowledge and getting professional development.

  1. Emphasizing on Machine Translation for Saving Translation Time

The machine translation (MT) is used as a useful tool in the translation work on a daily basis for saving time of translators. But it should be kept in mind that such tools affect the quality of work and they must be used with great caution. Time and again, it has been mentioned that nothing can be compared with a human translator, if any such tool is used by the translator, the document must be properly edited and proofread. The translators who rely more on the machine tools loose clients and fails in establishing a long term relationship.

  1. Emphasizing on slashing deadlines

The most important thing for any client is the deadline of the project. If the translator is not meeting the deadlines than he looses his worth as a service provider. Just like the cost of the translation project, the reduction of time also works in a passive way as it may mean that the translator has skipped any of the steps.  Furthermore, if the translator promises the fast turnaround time and ends up with excuses is such a negative sign of a service provider. Emphasizing on time should not affect the quality of work.



  1. Avatar Nick says:

    Very good article,
    Marketing on freelancers websites is also a must.

  2. Avatar Kendall says:

    These are really great tips for anyone trying to get their name out there in the business of professional translation. I certainly agree that putting a major emphasis on cheap translation won’t pan out well in the long run. While it is great to keep your rates competitive, undercutting too much can lead to poor results and loss of business. It also goes hand in hand with your other points, too, I think. Low-cost measures and not emphasizing the human translation factor and ridiculous turnaround times means a poor product, and to me it seems like that doesn’t cut it in this industry.

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